Tulips and Daffodils for Cutting

Tulips and Daffodils for Cutting
Spring is a time of plenty for floral designers. There are so many kinds of fresh flowers available from the cutting garden. This can make it hard to choose. Here are some of the best tulip and daffodil varieties for floral arrangements.

Greenland tulip, also known as Groenland, is a viridiflora type tulip. This has exquisite blossoms with a perfect shape like an hourglass. When the blooms fully expand, they’re up to three inches in diameter.

These open on tall, sturdy stems that are 1½ to two feet in height. They range from a delicate pink to a dusky rose in color. There are prominent streaks or flames of green, which is typical of the viridiflora group. This gives Greenland a bicolor effect.

The viridiflora group is also known as green tulips in reference to the green seen on the petals. These have an especially long vase life, typically about two weeks.

Hamilton, a fringed tulip, was introduced during the 1970’s. This is a luscious yellow reminiscent of buttercups. This blossom is especially appealing partly due to the large fringed petals. It is nearly 1½ feet in height.

The fringed tulips, also called crispa, are named for the frilly, spiky edges of the petals.

White Bouquet tulip can be over 1½ feet in height. As the name indicates, these are pure white. A late blooming variety, White Bouquet has multiple blossoms on each stem, usually four to six. Though you wouldn’t expect it, each one of these flowers is full sized. They’re cup shaped. In the garden, White Bouquet blossoms open over period of two weeks or so.

Geranium daffodil is an exceptional variety that blooms mid-season. An heirloom that was introduced in the 1930’s, this bears multiple blooms on each stem, usually five to six. These are very cup shaped, and have an enticing sweet fragrance. Geranium daffodils are borne on stems that are nearly 1½ feet tall. These have white to cream petals with small trumpets that are medium yellow or orange.

Mount Hood daffodil is a very appealing choice. An heirloom variety dating from the 1930’s, this blooms mid-season. It has white petals. Initially, the trumpet is pale yellow. Over time, this fades to white. The stems are almost 1½ feet in height.

Salome daffodil is a long time favorite for cut flowers. It is a large cup variety. The petals are ivory. When the trumpets first open, they’re a delicate yellow. Over time these fade to a gorgeous peach. These stately stems are nearly 1½ feet in height. It blooms mid-season.

Avoid mixing daffodils with other blossoms in floral arrangements. These release a sticky sap that can damage the other blooms.

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