A Strategy for playing strategy games

A Strategy for playing strategy games
Strategy board games are those games that can tax the mind but can also be the most enjoyable to play. Some people definitely have a playing style with these games that make them a huge target while others can fly under the radar to easily win the game.

Some people are big taunters and talk a big game even before the game starts. While it is good to have confidence in your playing abilities, such bold statements of domination will most likely annoy your opponents. In fact, they could band together, making sure you do not win at all costs.

For example, my husband is a big trash talker when it comes to certain games. Usually those are his favorite games that he is vocal about his playing ability. My brother loves the game of Risk and enjoys telling other players how he is going to win. There is a problem when you are too vocal during strategy board games. You are not at the mercy of a dice roll or some other pure luck chance. You are at the mercy of the other players, who can attack you and weaken your defenses. With Risk, this might be the object of the game but players might target your armies more if you make them believe that you are the bigger threat.

We see it all the time with reality TV shows like Survivor. The weak players are seldom voted out first and usually make it far in the game. It makes you wonder if they are really that weak or just trying to stay out of the limelight?

A kinder, more gentle game strategy is to lay off the taunting to a minimum. Part of what makes board games so fun is getting together with friends. It is also fun to pat yourself on the back after a good move. This is fine but in moderation. Too much bragging will paint the virtual target on your back.

It's fun and expected to rib your competition in strategy board games. But remember, everything in moderation. Too much taunting might end your race to win faster than you would like.

Let your skill of playing strategy game speak for itself. Think out your moves ahead of time and concentrate on updating your strategy to win with each player's move. Being a good sport is always a way to win when it comes to strategy board games. People will want to play more games with you if you are not only a graceful loser but a graceful winner.

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