Beaded Open Daisy Chains

Beaded Open Daisy Chains
Daisy chains are lots of fun, and one of the easiest seed bead projects to learn. I remember learning how to do daisy chains from my mom when I was about 10.
This isn't the classic daisy chain, it's open with strands of seed beads making stems between the daisy.
This is a bracelet I made my daughter using this technique.

Since it didn't photograph well with all the shiny silver lined beads, I remade it in purple so it's a bit clearer.

I used
Size 11 seed beads in 3 colors (green, your flower color, and your center color.)
You can use more colors and use it as a way to clean up spilled seed beads in your bead tray.
Size 12 needle. I like the short ones.
Sono beading thread
A clasp if you are making a bracelet, but a long chain can be made without a clasp.

It was my first time using Sono since I've got so much Silamide. I really liked Sono for the daisy chains, it's pretty strong which is a good thing for something like this that doesn't have a bunch of thread passes. To thread my size 12 needle, I used pliers to flatten the end of the thread.
Thread your needle and put on a stop bead with enough of a tail to sew on your clasp. Previous steps are greyed out.
String on 9 green beads, and pass your needle and thread down through the 4 bead from the end to create the leaf picot, add 5 more green beads.

Add 4 flower color beads, and one center bead, then pass your needle and thread up through the first flower color bead.

Add 2 more flower color beads, and pass your needle and thread down through the 4th flower color bead from the previous step.

Repeat for pattern.

In my example, 8 flowers was long enough to make a bracelet (the purple example) and I made the last stem only 3 beads. Then I add the clasp on an 8 bead loop, and did another chain in the opposite direction to the other clasp using 3 beads for the last stem on that one which offset the two chains.
I hope you enjoy making daisy chains!
If you liked this article, I really recommend Horace Goodhue's wonderful book. It's got a lot of great chain patterns in it, and it's a classic.

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