Save Money on Gas and Road Travel

Save Money on Gas and Road Travel
Amid soaring gas prices, travelers still want to enjoy their vacations without having to take out a loan to do so. Consumers from all over the country are being hit by $4 per gallon gasoline at the pump, and experts tend to agree that relief from these increases is nowhere in sight. Yet, there are things you can do to save money on gas during this traveling season.


Your very first course of action against rising gas costs should be regular maintenance and care of your vehicle. Having your tires properly inflated and getting your car in otherwise excellent working order cuts down on your use of gasoline because it helps your car perform better. Like any other machine, your car can do its best when you give it the best through regular care.

This doesn’t mean splurging on high-cost premium gasoline, however. Many people agree that regular, lower-costing fuel is as efficient and effective in a vehicle as is gasoline of a higher grade and price. Regular gasoline can save you up to 10 cents per gallon. In the long run, this amount could add up to tremendous savings.

Slow Down

Another great tip is to change the way you drive to help conserve fuel. Driving at slower speeds cuts down on the amount of fuel your car needs to run. Thus, a gallon of gas that may have taken you 24 miles when you drove at a speed of 65 mph or faster could last longer and take you farther if you simply drove 55 mph instead.

Lowering your average speed limit also helps cut down on your risk of getting speeding tickets on the road while traveling. If you’re always following the speed limit, you’ll never get caught speeding. And the improvements that slowing down makes on your driving record could also mean additional savings on your car insurance bill.

Lighten Up

You will also want to lighten up on the load your car carries on regular basis. When you’re traveling by car, it’s inevitable that you will be loaded down with luggage, coolers, and the like, but for everyday travel, you’ll get better mileage if your car is lighter. With a lighter car, you can improve your vehicle’s aerodynamic performance, making it easier to go farther faster.

Lightening up your car also makes it easier to coast. Coasting is what happens when your car moves without the aid of gas. Suppose you’re driving down a hill. Do you leave your foot on the accelerator the entire time? Many people do, but they don’t have to. Taking your foot off the pedal saves you gas and allows your car, a naturally moving vehicle, to use the laws of physics to help keep it moving forward.

Use these tips for everyday travel and for your next road trip. There’s no need to spend extra money on gas if you don’t have to.

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