Video by Angeles - Mi perro Freaky

Video by Angeles - Mi perro Freaky
¡Hola! I recorded this video, introducing my little dog Freaky.

To watch the video, click on the image you can find below. You can also read the transcript and dowload the video by clicking on the corresponding links. I've included some comments about expressions or vocabulary I'm using in the video.

Ah! For any question, feel free to post on the Spanish Language Forum. It will be a pleasure to explain any word or expression you don't understand.

Hope this helps!

"Mi Perro Freaky" Video
Click here to read the transcription for this video: Mi perro Freaky transcript

Some comments...

  • Most of the verbs are in present tense: "Soy Angeles", "este que está aquí", "voy a", "Es un perro muy nervioso" or "le gusta mucho".
    But there are also some command forms: "Di hola" or "¡Mira!".
    And finally, no many past tenses: "Estuvo en el hospital", "le operaron".

  • Note I am using the verb "Ser" for identity and descriptions:
    Identity: "Soy Angeles", "¡Freaky, este es Freaky!"
    Descriptions: "Es un perro muy nervioso", "Freaky es un perro pequeño", "Pinscher, es un pinscher"

  • When I say: " Y ahora tiene que llevar puesto ese caperuzo.", note I am using "tiene que", which corresponds to "he has to" (to have to). But, what about "llevar puesto"? It means 'to wear".

  • The sentence: "Freaky ya no quiere" means "Freaky does not want anymore". "Ya" is translated as "already" but in this sentence it must be understood as "anymore", mostly because the verb is in negative form. So: "ya no" = "anymnore".

  • "Así que" is very common in Spanish, and we can translate it as "So" or "Then".

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