Free Magic Woofle Dust

Free Magic Woofle Dust
Woofle Dust is an imaginary powder used by magicians to misdirect the audience. Woofle dust has been used by magicians for years. Most magicians know off it and use it on occasion.
Tony Hassini used Woofle Dust in one of his training videos for new magicians. Do a Google search and you will find an unlimited number of references to Woofle Dust. One company sells a shaker to sprinkle Woofle Dust.
Every magician needs Woofle Dust.
When you need to ditch a coin or other item in your pocket, you use Woofle dust as an excuse. You reach into your pocket, leave the item there and then sprinkle invisible woofle dust over the trick and viola, the magic happens. Classic misdirection.
Woofle dust can also be used to exchange items or grab an item from your pocket. Very useful indeed.
Woofle dust is so amazing that Dean Hankey sells a marketing program featuring "Invisible Dust." It includes instructions for making your own give-away item - a little envelope of "Invisible Dust." You can give this item to prospective clients as a promotional item or sell it after your show.
As a promotional item, it is pretty clever. You put your contact information on the envelope and it becomes a keepsake for your clients and prospects. You can include it in mailings to generate business or as a little thank you gift.
Hankey sells this program, complete with a license to reproduce his artwork for $97.00 You can purchase this program and your license at
I have not seen Mr. Hankey's program, so I cannot comment on the value. Mr. Hankey has a good reputation in magic circles, and for $97 the marketing materials must really be great stuff.
I did however, like the idea. So I designed my own "invisible dust give-away." No, it does not look like Mr. Hankey's product. I have original artwork and copy. I have not violated Hankey's copyright or trademarks. My item is as different from Hankey's as a Whopper is from a Big Mac.
I used the traditional name, "Woofle Dust." I also wrote a two-sided postcard side insert for the item. This insert folds down to fit in a coin envelope. The insert has my contact information, plus 2 magic tricks the recipient can do using their Woofle Dust. I designed an attractive label to attach to the envelope outside. I put the insert and a business card inside the envelope and it is finished.
This makes a novel way to give-away my card. I use it in mailings as a free gift. Stamp "Your FREE Magic Woofle Dust is enclosed" on the envelope, and prospects will open your package.
At my fund raising shows, I pitch the Woofle Dust as a mini magic kit. Just before the intermission, I show the item, do a quick trick using Woofle Dust and sell it at my table for a dollar. It only costs a few pennies to make and is a popular, inexpensive souvenir that goes home with my contact info. I also give a packet of "Woofle Dust" to each volunteer I use. This creates demand for the item.
I give it away at birthday parties, too. I put a discount coupon on the back of my card and every kid gets a "free mini-magic kit." Now they do their tricks for Mom & Dad, and the folks know who to call for their party.
Now you can spend $97 for Dean Hankey's Invisible Dust. Or you can easily make your own "Woofle Dust." A little imagination, and you can have a unique product to give-away.
Before you spend hundreds of dollars on all the marketing packages offered to magicians, I recommend as I always have, go to the library, get some marketing books and teach yourself. You will save money and probably get better information than most of these gurus offer. Get books for writers and speakers. The same methods they use to self-promote, you can use too. I highly recommend Dottie Walter's book, "Speak & Get Rich." My local library has, yours may too.
Before you buy a product, like Dean Hankey's Magic Dust, or an instant publisher kit, ask yourself, can I make this item myself. If you can, do it. Your product will be unique and geared specifically to you.
This is not to criticize Mr. Hankey's products or anyone else's marketing kits or items, but to encourage you to do a little work. You will be surprised by how much you can do.
If you are not able or confident enough to do your own research, does offer some very complete and very affordable marketing programs.
As a special gift to my readers, I am offering my "Magic Woofle Dust" artwork to you at no cost. Send me an email and I will send the artwork as a PDF. You can add your own contact information and make as many as you need. No licensing fees. I will also gladly answer your questions on how to best use "Magic Woofle Dust" to build your business.
If you want an actual hard copy of the item, mail $2 to cover my modest costs and I will rush one out.

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