Save Ten PerCent on Gas!

Save Ten PerCent on Gas!
With the ever rising price on gasoline at the pump world wide people need to know everything they can do to lower their costs to run their vehicles. While there are many things one can do two simple maintenance tips can save you ten to fifteen percent on gas costs. They are replacing the air filter and checking the tire pressure to make sure its up to manufacturer's standards. While these seem very simple, they are the tow car projects people seldom get to. And they so easy anyone can do them!

A clogged air filter is similar as if you were trying to breath through a dirty blanket. Ugghh... You would not get enough oxegen, and you would be clogged with dirt and grime. Not the best way tio breath! And your car has similar needs. It needs to breath clean air in an unobstructed manner. That way when the gas combusted to drive vehicle it uses as little as possible -- not lots of extra.

When one's car has under inflated tires there is more friction. The extra friction drags the car back making the engine work harder. This causes the car to need more energy --and gas-- to move the vehicle forward. The more under inflated the tires are the more gas you burn.

So if you simply make time to check your tires and toss in a new air filter you can save the quivelent of forty of fifty cents a gallon on the gas.

Most air filters require only the removal of one two clips or a thumb screw to toss on in. To check your tires use the free air pumps at any gas station and just check to see if the pressure written on the side of the tire is what you are reading. If you are uncertain many full service gas stations will check this for free to build business.

So check those tires, and change that filter to get easy gas savings. Then you can add to your savings by studying the tips in this article.


You deserve to get the best performance you can from your car. Simple maintenance can be a great way to get started.

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