NeverWinter Nights Review

NeverWinter Nights Review
A huge hit with role playing gamers of all shapes and sizes, NeverWinter Nights blows other RPGs out of the water!

To start with, there's the stellar single-user play. In current game terms, single-user play is really a training for the more advanced fun of multi-user play. NeverWinter Nights doesn't skimp in this area, and gives a multi-chapter, detail rich plot with many side quests and missions.

There are henchmen of different shapes and sizes to work with and to help out. There are random people on the street with lost items or lost hopes. There are multi-layer missions, and you can try to charm or threaten people to get more information out of you. Your character affects how people treat you - as a female you can flirt with the guys, as an elf you can be treated nicely by other elves.

The graphics are great! Your character wears armor, wields items, and can customize them to make them more powerful. You can set items on fire, you can wear rings that affect the lighting around you. You can zoom in and out of the action. Unfortunately you can't change the camera angle, but usually just spinning around and zooming in or out will get you to see what you need to.

The spells, skills and tweaks to each character are wonderful. Choose from a large variety of spells to cast, all nicely done with graphics. A ranger can charm nearby animals, a druid can turn into one. Fighters hack and slash, thieves can undo traps and even set them. Every character type feels as if he or she can make a unique contribution.

Which brings us to multi-player. Sure, you can easily spend a month or two in the single player game. But once you're done, multi-play can keep you going for years! To start with, you can hop on the net and find any number of games running to join up with. They're run by Dungeon Masters who design the levels, help along gameplay, just as a DM does in a real game of Dungeons and Dragons. But better yet, every game comes with those tools! You can get together your own gaming buddies, and design massive adventures for them. It doesn't matter if they currently live in Ohio, England, France or elsewhere! This multiplay controlability is something that role players have dreamed about for decades, and it's finally here.

Highly, highly recommended.

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