Domino Pendants

Domino Pendants

After watching Michelle Johnson's Crafted By Us podcast about making domino pendants, I had to try it. But I don't like drilling if I don't have to, and I'm not really a rubber stamper so I've only got very limited stamping supplies.

What you'll need for this project:
Dominoes, of course. I picked up an inexpensive plastic set at the supermarket.
Wooden tube shaped beads with a hole large enough to pass your cord through. I got a package of a few hundred at Michaels.
Strong glue. I recommend E-6000
Sand paper or an emery board
Permanent markers (Sharpie, Mark-It) in lots of colors or alcohol based inks.
Rubbing alcohol
Paper towels
Sealer, Mod Podge works great.
Stickers or stamps that will fit on your dominoes. My daughter and I had fun picking out stickers.
If you're using stamps you'll also need an alcohol based stamp pad like Stayzon.
Cord of some sort.

To prepare your domino pendant, use the emery board or sand paper to lightly roughen one side of the tube shaped bead and the top of your domino, glue the 2 pieces together. Set aside while the glue cures for 24 hours.

I found this great tutorial at Learn2Stamp for using permanent markers to color a domino. I basically followed that, but I also scribbled on my dominoes a bit with the markers and scrubbed it with a piece of paper towel to smudge the color for more intense spots of color. It's a lot of fun doing this part, it's messy and colorful, and as long as you use colors that are close to each other on the color wheel like purple/pink/blue you won't make mud.
Let the ink dry, then start decorating with your stickers and stamps. I found some pretty gold ornaments and combined them with an image sticker for the one in the middle. I put the image down first, outlined it with a sharpie, then put the ornament over it. The one on the right has letter stickers to spell out a friend's name and a pretty flower, the one on the left is part of a kanji stamp I have. I masked off the other 2 characters on the stamp to leave just the symbol for love, and used black Stayzon ink to stamp that over the rose sticker.
Seal the domino with Mod Podge or whatever sealer you are using, let dry, string it on a cord, and wear it.

It's a fun project to do with kids. If your kids are younger,glue the beads to the dominoes then do the coloring with their input, or supervise them coloring.Let them pick out the stickers or stamps they want to use. Postage stamps soaked off letters could also be used to decorate them.
There is a domino art group that has some wonderful ideas for more advanced things you can do to decorate dominoes.

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