Abortion and the Economy

Abortion and the Economy
The downturn in the economy has nearly countless ramifications, and they affect every household in America. We save water by turning off the faucet when we brush our teeth. We take fewer trips with our car, and forgo the Starbucks latte when we do go out. Many of us have cut back on expenses dramatically.

The most outrageous cutback I’ve heard recently is that abortion helps save money. It certainly smacks of Planned Parenthood and NOW propaganda taking advantage of the negative effect the spiraling economy has had on the United States and using it for their own profit. The message is “Forget cutting coupons, getting an abortion is a much more efficient way to save money in the long run.”

How insane and self-absorbed is our culture that we have to end each date with sex and then abort the innocent baby because we can’t afford to raise a child? Historically, sex was intended as an emotional and spiritual bond and for procreation. It was never intended to be a transaction, yet that is what it has become.

Even when an unintended pregnancy is not the result of a casual fling, it has become a requisite step to consider all options, including abortion. If pushing abortion on pregnant women is destructive in itself, then the suggestion to abort simply out of financial convenience is an incredibly disturbing tactic. The clinics and organizations responsible for this campaign are the biggest violators of women’s rights.

The sheer audacity of this excuse for abortion is mirrored only by its inconsistency. Don’t ask me to burn down my house, so I can save money on electric bills. It’s documented that abortion has long lasting effects, from mental health issues to relationship problems to drug abuse. Intimidating poor women into abortion is an unsettling form of discrimination – with each abortion, she takes another step into a life filled with job woes, depression, substance abuse, and domestic abuse. Abortion perpetuates problems; it doesn’t solve them.

For those readers out there who truly do care, please do something on your local level to show you care. Donate money, clothing, or diapers to a crisis pregnancy center, or better yet, volunteer. Get involved in adoption advocacy. Women who are contemplating abortion need to be shown support; they need to know that someone will help if they have the baby. Write in and let me know what you’re doing to help!

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