Chocolate Oreo Cake Recipe

Chocolate Oreo Cake Recipe
When combining my favorite chocolate bar or cookie with a chocolate mix, chocolate magic happens! While I love baking homemade chocolate treats, sometimes it’s just nice bake a chocolate cake that tastes homemade. After all, it's made at home, so that counts, right?


1 box of Devil’s Food flavored chocolate cake mix (this flavor pairs exceptionally well with the Chocolate Creme Oreos)

(2) 15 oz bags of Chocolate Creme Oreo Cookies

(2) 12 oz containers of buttercream, cream cheese, or vanilla frosting (store brought or your favorite homemade recipe) One 12 oz container may suffice, but I like to have extra on hand. I find the extra frosting useful for hiding any crumbling cake spots and/or decorating mistakes.

Whip cream (optional)

Jar of cherries (optional)


1. Simply assemble the cake batter according to package directions.

2. Grease 2 9-inch cake pans with a cooking spray. I use the Pam spray for baking. If it sprays out a bit too much in areas, gently spread it over the bottom and sides with a paper towel.

3. Pour mixture evenly into the greased cake pans.

4. Bake until both cakes are cooked through, and according to package directions.

5. Let both cakes cook completely. Crumble one bag of the Oreos in a large plastic bag while you are waiting on the cakes to cool down.

6. . After you have confirmed the pan and cake are cooled completed, gently run a pastry knife (or use a fork or spoon handle) around the edge of the cake, which will ensure it won’t stick when it’s time to flip it over.

7. Place a plate or platter large enough to fit over the cake pan. Use both hands to carefully flip the cake pan over the plate.

8. Gently tap the cake pan on the bottom before lifting the pan up from the cake.. Think of it as a clock, and give a few taps at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 spots. Finally, gently tap the middle of the cake pan a few times. Slowly life the cake pan directly up and away from the cake. If you feel the cake has stuck to the pan, don’t panic. Simply place the pan back down again and tap some more.

9. After the first chocolate cake layer has been removed from the pan, gently slide it platter, stand or plate. Alternatively, you can certainly use the plate it’s on as your serving plate.

10. Add a layer of vanilla, butter cream or cream cheese frosting to the top of the cake (leave the sides unfrosted for now).

11. Remove the second cake from the cake pan onto a spare plate using the same technique as the first. Once the second layer of chocolate cake is successfully removed from the pan, simply slide it onto the first layer of the cake.

12. Spread the frosting over the cake using a spatula. Once the cake is frosted, sprinkle with crumpled Oreo crumbs.

13. Decorate the chocolate cake with the remaining Oreo cookies, placing the whole cookies on the side of the cake and across the top in any way you desire. For a festive look, stand the cookies on the side (so it looks like they could roll off the cake) into the frosting. Add spots of whip cream around the cookies, and top with cherries if desired.

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