More Multiplication Practice Ideas

More Multiplication Practice Ideas
1)Use a multiplication chart – place a finger on a number on the left side of the chart; place another finger on a number on top of the chart; bring the left finger across and the finger on the top of the chart down; eventually they will meet stopping on the answer. Now, isn’t that neat? Also, keep it nearby while doing your homework to check yourself.

2)Internet games – there are countless games to play while learning multiplication facts online. In fact, AplusMathCoach is a good place to start. Scroll down to find games.

3)Have a friend or parent call the facts out orally to you.

4)Skip count; for example 4 x 7, skip count by fours seven times or skip count by seven four times.

5)Study the facts to find patterns that will help you memorize and learn them. This is more fun to do with a partner. The links below will take you to articles that show several patterns found in different time tables.

6)Learn hand tricks such as nines hand trick. Let’s use 4 x 9. Hold both hands in front of you. The back of the hands are facing you. The pinky finger on the left is considered “1.” The thumb on the right hand is considered the sixth finger and the right pinky is the tenth finger. Now, bend the fourth finger on your left hand. How many fingers on the left of the bent finger? 3 How many fingers on the right side of the bent finger? 6 Thus, the answer is 36.

7)Playing cards – Make up games or try Multiplication Battle. Get a deck of cards. Remove the Jokers. Distribute all of the cards between two players. Hold cards face down. Both players place their top card on the table face up. Multiply the numbers. The first player to call out the answer first collects the cards. The person with the most cards or all of the cards within a specified time frame wins. The value of the face cards are as follows: A = 1, K=12, Q=11, J=10 Keep a multiplication chart nearby to settle disputes.

8)Math puzzles – assemble a jigsaw puzzle; turn it over; write a multiplication fact on one piece and the product on the connecting piece. Cover the puzzle with multiplication facts. Break it apart and have fun learning the facts with this self-checking activity.

9)Have fun solving worksheet puzzles.

10) Classroom game: Around the World – the teacher calls out a multiplication fact to two students. The goal is for a student to see how far he can get around the room by correctly answering a multiplication fact before his classmate answers. If the classmate beats him, then he will take the classmate’s seat, and the classmate challenges the next student.

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