Advice From the Curly Hair Expert

Advice From the Curly Hair Expert
Curly haired women are always looking for the right prescription of products and procedures to tame their curly locks. Many of us have spent many hours in the struggle. Hair stylist and curl expert, Quidad is no exception. She has dedicated the past 30 years to unraveling it mysteries. As a result, she has earned the respected title of “The Queen of Curl.” She is a salon owner with a team of stylists, all trained in curl care. She is an educator and the author of “Curl Talk.”

I interviewed her recently and relayed some common reader questions.
Quidad, on the current trends.
Quidad says that curly hair is definitely in style right now. “The current trend is funky and fun with lots of movement and texture. Short looks with curls are very in right now… lots of bobs, pixies and chin length cuts. The alternative is long, funky 70s/80s shag.”

Quidad, on going from years of straightening natural curl to a nice frizz-free curly style.
“From constantly straightening the hair, over the years they have pulled the eternal life layer out of the hair. The hair can be brought back to life by repeatedly treating it with a deep conditioning treatment. This will hydrate and feed the hair, putting the life back into it so it’s able to perform.”

As we know, there are many different types of natural curl. Some people have beautiful soft round curls while others have tighter, kinkier curls. I asked Quidad what advice she has on treating our own individual types of curl.
“My rake & shake method is the ultimate way to be able to create your individual cur pattern. Using the rake and shake application and technique you are able to get beautiful, defined curls. You are also able to choose the diameter of the curl by the amount of hair that is between your fingers for the raking movement. For bigger curls, rake a larger section and for smaller curls, rake a smaller section.”

And what is the rake & shake technique?
“Pour styling gel into your palms and separate the hair into a 1 inch or 2 inch section (depending on how large or small you want the curl pattern to be). RAKE through the hair with your fingers vertically and then horizontally to evenly distribute the styling gel. After the raking has been completed, hold the section at the bottom and SHAKE. This allows the hair to bounce back into its natural curl pattern.”

I tried this technique after my next shampoo. It took more time than my previous methods but it was definitely worth the effort. It made a noticeable difference. My curls were rounder and firmer. They stayed in nicely for the second day with very little touch-up needed.

Product Review
I had the privilege of trying out one of Quidad’s line of products, specifically designed for curly hair. Botanical Boost is a spray-in, leave-in conditioner. It contains an impressive list of herbal extracts and proteins. It is suggested for use with wet or dry hair. Used on wet hair, it is conditioning and provides protection from the elements. Used on dry hair, it revives curl and helps to get rid of frizz.
  • I decided to see how it worked as a curl freshener.
    First try: I styled my hair, using my own products and then let it dry naturally, wearing it curly for the day.
    After sleeping on it, my hair was loose and no longer in individual curls. I sprayed on Botanical Boost. My hair became very curly – even more than Day 1, but remained soft and conditioned.
  • Second try: As an experiment, I sprayed Botanical Boost on a piece of my hair after I had straightened it with a flat iron. As the straight piece of hair dried, it became a nice round curl and felt soft and conditioned.
  • One more try: I used Botanical Boost on fine hair that had a loose natural curl. As I scrunched the hair dry, it produced nice springy curls with no frizzy ends.
  • Each time I used Botanical Boost, the hair produced a soft but firm curl. It did not feel over conditioned or oily.

Quidad – pronounced Wedod – is not called the Queen of Curl for no reason. This woman knows curl.

Visit Quidad’s website for more information.

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