Coffee Break

Coffee Break
When you are taking a coffee break, do you really sit with that cup of coffee and enjoy it? Do you hold the cup and notice its warmth, smell the aroma, admire its appearance and savor the flavor? For most of us the answer is, “Are you kidding?"

The truth is we are a world of multitaskers. According to Merriam Webster the definition of multitasking is, “the performance of multiple tasks at one time.” Our busy lives seem to demand this and yet this behavior not only robs us of the simple joy of living which comes from living simply, it actually makes us less efficient.

In his remarks on a recent study, CNN Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta says, “Multitasking has become a way of life, especially for those on the perceived ladder of success. While it may have the appearance of getting numerous things done at once, the tasks may not be completed as effectively or quickly as desired, according to this study.”

Multitasking also keeps you from fully enjoying great moments in your life. Let me give you a prime example. I know someone who has a job that is coveted by 90 percent of the work force. She works from home making a decent living, defining her own hours and what she will work on at any given moment. And yet, she is never really a participant in those moments.

When she is out of the office with the children or traveling to some of the greatest cities in the world, she is constantly on the phone calling the office to find out what is going on or calling clients even though she has a fully capable staff. When she is in the office she is stressing about all she has to get done and where she has to go instead of focusing on getting something done or delegating. When she is on the phone with clients she is often distracted, cleaning off her desk, playing computer games and checking email. So she is never really anywhere. Her mind is always on the future and the past and never fully participating in the activity at hand.

This is the way most of us live. As a result we miss out on the joy of our lives because in reality, the future and past do not exist. The only moment we have is this one, the one we are in right now. Savor it as you would a great cup of coffee.

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