Truth or Dare - Obama & McCain Promises - Taxes

Truth or Dare - Obama & McCain Promises - Taxes
Wouldn’t you like to see a political campaign where the information you heard and read in ads was just the truth and not information with so much spin on it that the truth is disguised somewhere in the spinning words. Politicians should have to sign a Truth or Dare pledge at the beginning of their campaigns that states if their information turns out to be a lot of nothing after the spinning words are deciphered that they have to accept the dare of the people to make good on the implied promises they made if they win

All the wordsmiths who write the spinning words make generalized statements that seem to encompass all people in the same manner. They want you to be so confused by all the details that you won’t even realize that what you should be concerned about is how any tax plan or any other plan being proposed will actually matter to you in your personal tax picture. Your tax plan is what should matter to you.

Recently a guy known as Joe the Plumber has taken front and center stage of the political spinning because of a question that he asked Senator Obama. If Joe the Plumber had not asked a question or made a questioning statement, that didn’t even apply to his tax picture he would probably not have ended up being a political focus of John McCain and Sarah Palin. So many people base conclusions and decisions on random information that has nothing to do with their own tax pictures because they get carried away by all the spin on the information.

Over the last few weeks it has been like watching a volley ball game with each candidate saying that the other is going to raise taxes. In all legitimate analysis completed on the tax plans of both candidates, it appears that the McCain Plan would do little to help the middle class taxpayers, such as Joe the Plumber, while it appears that Joe would benefit under the Obama plan. Joe the Plumber, according to the publicized information, is clearly in the middle class tax bracket. The question he probably should have asked should have been one that mattered to his personal tax picture.

Taxes are not simple but they are something that everyone should try to understand at least enough to know how tax proposals of candidates will make a difference to them personally. People are walking around saying Obama will raise taxes, others are saying McCain will raise taxes. It’s not a clear statement on either side of the picture because the picture changes according to what tax bracket you are in and how much spin is put on the facts to disguise them. So research how each plan will apply to you personally and don’t run around willy-nilly making your decision on facts that make no sense in your personal scenario. Accept the Dare to find the Truth before you Vote. Listen, think, and decide on all the real facts and issues! Then VOTE!

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