Three Ways to a Better Cup

Three Ways to a Better Cup
If you are in a coffee rut, here is a good way to renew your coffee experience.


Let's face it, making coffee can be messy. Between the grounds and the oily film left behind on everything, you can be sure to find evidence if there is a coffee drinker in the area. Take a good look and clean everything you use.

This includes:

a. the scooper
b. cups-have you ever seen the film in some cups?
c. the area where you make your coffee
d. the grinder
e. the coffee maker or French Press

Coffee Maker Cleaning Instructions:

If you still have your manufacturer’s instruction booklet handy, it has directions specifically for cleaning your coffee maker. However, if those directions have joined the missing socks in your life, here are some tips.

Commercial cleaners and descalers are available. Your own coffee maker manufacturer probably makes them. But why spend money and use harsh chemicals when something you probably have on hand right now is available-vinegar. According to Wikipedia, "Vinegar is a liquid produced from the fermentation of ethanol in a process that yields its key ingredient, acetic acid." And acid is the key word here. You will need something to break down the oily residue that coffee tends to leave behind.

Items you will need:

Paper Filter
White Vinegar


-Put filter into place

-Fill water reservoir with 1 part vinegar and one part water
NOTE: Straight vinegar can be used without mixing with water if your coffee maker has not been cleaned in a while or it is particularly dirty.

-Turn on coffee maker and let it complete its cycle.

-Empty carafe.

-Turn off coffee maker and fill reservoir with fresh water.

-Turn on coffee maker and let it complete its cycle again.

-Run through with fresh water once more making sure the vinegar is completely out.

-Wash the carafe carefully by hand with gentle soap rinsing thoroughly.

-Wash any removable parts i.e. the filter basket or the removable gold filters, water reservoir, etc. Rinse, rinse and rinse again.

-Wipe down the outside of the coffee maker.

There you have it. There is nothing more wonderful and fragrant, not to mention tasty than a cup of coffee made in a fresh clean coffee maker.


According to Starbucks, “Use fresh, cold water heated to just off the boil A cup of coffee is 98 percent water. Therefore, the water you use to make coffee should taste clean, fresh, and free of impurities.” If you don’t love the taste of your water, how can you love the taste of your coffee?


Even if you use the most rudimentary grinder, it is better than drinking stale coffee. Yes, I said it. If you are purchasing previously ground coffee, it is actually stale by the time you use it. I challenge you to grind beans and then immediately compare the smell with previously ground. You will never go back.

Now take a break and make a cup of coffee. Be present, bring all five senses to that moment, and really enjoy.

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