Ten Study Tips For Taking Finals

Ten Study Tips For Taking Finals
1. Review old test. If tests are not returned to you, then study old quizzes, worksheets and other graded work. Hopefully, you corrected the incorrect answers. Another idea, ask the teacher for a copy of the test / quizzes and key. Make a copy and retake it for practice.

2. Find a study partner. Work problems together. The two of you can role play by teaching your partner how to work a particular problem.

3. Use your textbook. Take it off the shelf, read it, and study the sample problems. Then try to work the sample problems without looking at the answer. The odd numbered problems usually have answers in the back of the book. So, work those problems too. Also, I highly recommend for you to get access to the online version of the math textbook. The step by step videos are like having a teacher “on demand.”

4. Don’t procrastinate. In other words, don’t wait until the night before the finals to prepare.

5. Attend Math tutorials. Most schools offer free tutorials before or after school. In fact, some offer Saturday tutorials. Get your parents to take you. If you can convince them to take you to the mall, you can convince them to take you to tutorials. Actually, most schools provide after school transportation. Note to parents – let your children know that you expect them to take responsibility for their own learning and to seek out help.

6. Communicate with your teacher. Ask the teacher what you should focus on to improve your math skills and understanding. If you don’t understand a math concept, say so. If necessary, talk to the teacher in private.

7. Ask questions in class. Smart people ask questions. … And it’s true, if you have a question, others in the class have the same question. Be a leader and ask. It’s important to get a good understanding. By all means, get an understanding of what you are responsible for knowing for the final; don’t assume.

8. Utilize the Internet. Search the internet for interactive lessons, exercises and games on math topics for a change of pace.

9. Rest and Eat. In order to understand and retain what you’ve studied, your brain and body need rest and healthy food. So, resist the temptation to stay up all night.

10. Pray and speak positive words. Ask God to help you to understand your math assignments and that you will be able to demonstrate your understanding on test and any other form of assessments. Speak words of success such as, “I believe I understand math better every day.” “I believe my teacher teaches math in a manner that I can understand.” “I have the discipline to study.”

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