The Bella Twins Interview

The Bella Twins Interview
First I would like to take the time to thank Brie and Nikki Bella for taking the time out of their busy schedules to do this interview.

Brianna…Nicole…thank you for taking time out to answer my questions. I am the wrestling editor for, a website for women. Did you take your name from the site? Don’t worry we won’t sue if you did.

Brie: No we didn’t, but what a great name for a site.

I have been interested in professional wrestling since I was a young boy and saw my first wrestling match on television. How long have you been interested in professional wrestling?

Brie: Nikki and I have been into WWE since we were in 5th Grade. I used to call Nikki “The Rock” because she would always go nuts on the soccer field.

Nikki: She still calls me that nickname today.

The first match I ever saw was Chief Jay Strongbow against Baron Mikel Scicluna and the Baron laid a chair up against the Chief’s head. The blood flowed and the Chief did an interview in the locker room as he was getting his wound attended to and I was hooked from that day forward. Do you remember the first match you saw and was that the match that interested you in wrestling?

Nikki: It would have to be the first time I saw Trish Stratus in the ring. I was so impressed with how she presented herself. It really interested me because I was a competitive soccer player, and when I saw her get in the ring and kick some butt it really made me want to be a part of WWE.

In 2006, you were both in the WWE’s Diva Search, and did not make it to the final eight. How soon after your elimination were you signed to the WWE’s developmental Florida Championship Wrestling? How did the deal come about?

Brie: Nikki and I signed about 8 months after the Diva Search. WWE approached us, and we went and tried out at Deep South Wrestling.

Nikki: Once I got in the ring I was immediately hooked.

How do you think the outfits worn by the WWE Divas impact young ladies today?

Nikki: Our outfits are designed with wrestling in mind, so it allows us to move more freely, just as the US Olympic Women’s Volleyball Teams were.

Are your bodies unattainable for the average young woman? What are your concerns for eating disorder among young teens and pre-teens concerned with achieving the perfect body?

Brie: We eat healthy and work out quite a bit, which helps us stay in the shape that we are in. Young women have to realize that they have to be happy with themselves first and foremost, and that achieving the perfect body is not the end all be all.

I read that the two of you are into Yoga. Do you incorporate the exercises to help you prepare for your matches or aid in relieving the stress of the road and the long hours and does it work?

Nikki: I definitely use yoga to help me with my matches. It is more the meditation site, as it really keeps me calm and helps me gets stretched out really well.

You both are vegetarians as well. Are you able to maintain that discipline while on the road? Is it hard to find places in a lot of cities that cater to vegetarians? Or do you just eat salads and the like in restaurants?

Brie: It is very difficult to find places that cater to vegetarians. But we always find a way to work it out, even if we have to get groceries and work it out in our hotel rooms.

Nikki: It gave me an extreme addiction to French Fries! I’m lactose intolerant so it makes it even more difficult for me, so the French fries help quite a bit.

What do the Bella twins do for fun and relaxation when not wrestling?

Brie: We are California girls so we love to lay out on the beach.

Nikki: Besides the beach, I also enjoy yoga and going to dinners with a nice bottle of red wine.

Are you both single? Are you now or do you have any interest in dating pro wrestlers?

Brie: I am not single, but my Prince Charming could still be out there somewhere.

Nikki: I am as single as they get.

If you didn’t get into professional wrestling, what do you think you would be doing today?

Brie: Before WWE I was an aspiring actress, so if I was not in WWE I would be continuing to pursue acting.

Nikki: I would be doing the same, or playing professional soccer in Italy, and then of course playing in the World Cup!

Thank you for your time, Ladies. I know you are very busy and I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules for this interview. Good Luck in your wrestling careers and title aspirations.

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