Obama's Abortion Views

Obama's Abortion Views
President Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States this week. What are his views on abortion and what does it mean for the pro-life movement?

First, President Obama was a staunch advocate of women’s freedom of choice during his time on the campaign trail. The abortion issue wasn’t a forefront election platform this time around, because issues surrounding the economy and the war took center stage.

During his time in the Senate, President Obama voted 100% of the time to preserve a woman’s right to choose under Roe v. Wade and several other bills, including the controversial “Born Alive” act. He will keep on supporting Roe v. Wade. The official website for the White House states that President Obama continues to oppose “any constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court's decision in that case.”

He has stated many times on the campaing trail that he will push the “Freedom of Choice” act, as well. Freedom of Choice is a far-reaching law that will eliminate all barriers and drawbacks to getting an abortion, including waiting periods, age of consent, parental notification, and mandatory counseling. This dangerous act will usher in an era in which abortion on demand is easier to obtain than a Botox treatment.

I’m a citizen of the United Sates and I’ve been writing about pro-life issues since 2002. A great many of the politicians I spoke with during the Bush years were very friendly to the pro-life movement and always very open to new ideas and initiatives. I’ve never been under a pro-abortion administration during this part of my career; this is something new for me.

Personally, in my home, I’m taking great care to teach my young son (who supported McCain along with the rest of our household) to respect that President Obama has been elected. While we disagree on many issues, we will still be respectful, thoughtful, and peaceful in how we deal with this administration and its agenda.

I must admit, my commitment to teach my children right is keeping me painfully honest in this process of welcoming a new President. Many nights, as I sit to watch the world news, I hear something I vehemently disagree with and my knee-jerk reaction is to lecture the television and everyone within earshot or yell like I’m watching a football game. Instead I bite my tongue, and think it over so I can give a measured response to my son’s questions.

I believe that is the response pro-lifers need to have with President Obama at this time: watchfulness. We simply haven’t seen enough of how the new administration operates to get out there with a strategy of our own to get Roe v. Wade overturned.

I’m not advocating watching and waiting forever. And I’m certainly not advising that you sit on your laurels and do nothing; by all means, keep doing what you’ve been doing. Go out and volunteer, get involved in counseling young mothers, start an abstinence program in your community, wherever your personal talents and passion lie, go for it and help people. But there will come a time when we, as a pro-life movement, need to advance forward and pressure this administration to end all abortion. Be ready for that time by watching and seeing where the political weaknesses of the pro-abortionists lie.

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