'Twitter', 'Twitter' - A Whole New World!

'Twitter', 'Twitter' - A Whole New World!
Yes, I've succumbed to Twitter; I was trying to resist the latest techno craze; thought it might fizzle and just quietly go away, but once you catch the 'Twitter' bug there's no cure. I knew once I started hearing the word again and again - that I would have to take a stand one way or the other - so I decided to explore what all the hoopla has been about. Well, I'm like a kid in a candy store. I can't stop 'tweeting' - that's what they say - 'tweeting'. I had been saying 'twitter-ing' which was not the correct technical term.

I'm just into 'Twitter' a few days now. I go by the name of 'KathieBella' on twitter.com. Not many have answered or commented to me yet - I must be doing something wrong (I'll get the hang of it) - but I just send my writings and rantings out into space (the internet) and see if I get any feedback. Ashton Kutcher (AplusK) and Demi Moore (MrsKutcher) are regulars on Twitter - especially Ashton. He twitters all day and evening long. People write to him from their personal devices and he answers them over the internet. He sends pictures from his device. Demi even sent a picture of her outfit she was wearing for the post-Oscar party - the party she threw with Madonna in a tent at her house.

It's nice to see celebs as regular people doing a lot of the same things we do -hairdresser appointments, shopping, doctor visits - massages, spa treatments - well, maybe I'm getting a little carried away. We don't all erect tents and throw lavish parties under the big top in our backyards - nor do we have masseuses at our beck and call - or personal stylists. But, as in all walks of life, you will find down-to-earth celebs such as Demi and Ashton who are not full of themselves or take themselves as seriously as some others and actually care to take the time to talk to people who 'tweet' with them on Twitter.

Interested in Kabbalah? no problem. Ashton and Demi's spiritual adviser, Kabbalist Yahuda Berg (yahudaberg) is also on Twitter. You can check him out there with a direct link to his website. He gives us little nuggets of his philosophical wisdom to think about. He even offered free red string for bracelets; I thought I missed the boat on that one. He ran out of them in a flash by the time I got to his website; but the second time I checked it out I was able to get a free red string shipped out to me. Kabbalah has fascinated me for a while now and I'm thinking about purchasing Yehuda Berg's book, 'The Power of Kabbalah', shown on his website - and with an interesting promo from Deepak Chopra; as they say, 'it's all good'. It's been something I've given thought to pursuing - this might be a good start.

Seems more and more people are becoming interested in Kabbalah which is a discipline and school of thought - the mystical aspect of Judaism - Jewish mysticism. You can catch Yehuda Berg's new live call-in show on Sirius radio 102 Wednesdays from 6 to 7 pm - this week's guest was none other than Ashton Kutcher. Next week's guest is Donna Karan.

Lance Armstrong is a big Tweeter. As he's biking all over Austin, TX and California he is journalizing it - live - right on Twitter. This is awesome. He brings his 'Livestrong' message wherever he goes. We now have a physical reality of our collective consciousness. We can see what is going on with people, or what is on their minds.

John Mayer is also a 'tweeter'. He is a deep-thinking, very cerebral tweeter. Anyone can 'tweet' anyone (who is registered on Twitter, that is). You can 'follow' people - and they can choose to 'follow' you. That means - they get to see everything you are writing each day - and the same goes for you with them.

Brad Pitt was tweeting the whole week preceeding the Oscars - then there seemed to be some hard feelings with another Tweeter - apparently the guy sent him some type of 'tweet' that didn't sit well with him. I believe it had to do with Brad constantly asking people to explore how they can contribute to charities and only talking about that one subject that is near and dear to him. Apparently, one of his 'tweeters' was put off by something he said. He said he was no longer going to 'tweet' and I haven't seen him tweeting the last few days. He also mentioned he was told or advised by some people he knows that it wasn't a good idea for him to be tweeting at all. Don't know what that was all about - but as I said - there are regular celebs and then there are those who start taking themselves too seriously, if you get my drift.

And, at this time I'd like to give a 'shout-out' to Jennifer Anniston on her appearance at the Oscar's - I enjoyed her little skit with Jack Black. She looked lovely - very appealing - young and fresh! Later on, she made an appearance with her squeeze, John Mayer.

Where else can you go and tap into the little snippets of conversation among celebs and the mere common folk? and - it doesn't cost you a dime...

Imagine the feeling when you get a message saying that "Maria Shriver is now following you". I never thought I'd see the day! All I could think of for the next few days was - what could I say that would keep Maria interested in my "tweeting"? Why, with all that is going on in her life, did she find and pick me to follow? The pressure was on. I went to her personal page to find out what she's been up to and what areas or subjects she focuses on. She is a humanitarian aside from being the First Lady of California, the wife of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, not to mention the Mother of four.

All I can surmise is that as bellaonline.com is the Voice of Women - and we are here to contribute to helping women, and to help support various charities by donating all the ads viewed on over 300 editors' pages (which adds up to millions per month) - Mrs. S. was helping to support women everywhere by supporting non-profit websites such as ours. So, therefore, I had better take my swelled head down a few notches as for a while there it had all gone to my 'twittering' head!

I'd like to also point out that Alexa ranks us as/at 5,328 - on the internet! Not too shabby!!

Of course, lots of people are now trying to figure out how to make money with this new advancement in technology. Out come the marketeers, the entrepeneurs, the wheelers and the dealers. I guess if you play your cards right you could find some ways to make money with it. I haven't explored that side of it - at least, not yet.

With my discovery of 'Twitter' and the 'Real Housewives of...' - as in, 'The Real Housewives of New York City', 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' and last year's 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta', there hasn't been anything else that has held my attention in this way...and hopefully won't again for a while as I have other fish that I need to fry that I have been putting on a back burner for way too long now.

Just be forewarned, 'Twitter' is very addictive. Just ask any 'Tweeter'. They will bear me out. I gotta go check on the 'tweets' now....

Have a great weekend - see you in 'Twitter-space'!


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