Website Authoring Programs

Website Authoring Programs
Web site authoring programs (website authoring, programs)

If you are new to web design, even if you have a working knowledge of HTML programming, you might be hesitant about freehand writing code and hoping it turns out correctly upon being read by a web browser. Most people new to website authoring choose to make use of any number of website design programs and tools to help them create webpages. From the free online web generators to the expensive full package programs put out by Adobe, there are website authoring programs for every level of expertise.

To being with, don’t assume that because something is expensive that it is a good program. Consider your technological needs before deciding which tool to use in your website authoring. If you have no need of Flash or embedding media, you likely can get away with using a simple online HTML editor. Consider whether or not your website authoring program will allow you to save individual projects in separate files, allow you to manipulate uploaded images, will handle CSS and Javascript, can connect to databases, have spell checkers, or have added bonuses like pre-written blocks of code that can be inserted for various functions.

If you want a simple, free online HTML authoring service, is a good place to start. You are presented with a webpage template upon loading the link, and you can alter it and author it as you see fit using online tools. You may then view the source code in Internet Explorer by clicking on the drop down menu “View” and selecting “View Source” which will display the webpage you just authored in its HTML format. Copy the code and save it to a notepad document saved as an .html file and upload the resulting file to your server. You should then see your edited webpage on your personal URL link.

If you are looking for a program that is a bit more flexible, Adobe’s Macromedia Dreamweaver is a popular program for website authoring, although the price tag might be hefty for beginners. The newest version of Dreamweaver will allow developers to do the basics, such as inserting tables, images and links, but will also handle CSS and HTML5., as well as Javascript. Another new feature of Dreamweaver is the ability for developers to author applications for Android and iOS using Dreamweaver, as it converts code from HTML to mobile phone applications. If you author a Java game using Dreamweaver, which can be played embedded in a website, it can be converted to an application file for a smartphone.

Many website hosting services such as AOL, yahoo and WordPress also provide native website authoring on their servers, so that subscribers can build webpages directly on the host servers without the need of a separate program and FTP transfer to upload the website file to the server. Some of these services are free, some require a subscription, but most are simple and easy to use, being a few steps above the free HTML authoring site and several steps below a program like Dreamweaver.

Consider where you want to go with your website, your technological needs, and choose the method that best serves you.

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