Cover Those Sexy Eyes

Cover Those Sexy Eyes
The Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, founded in 1940, have approved yet another law pertaining to the dress code of women in Saudi Arabia. It could force Arabian women to cover their eyes as well as their faces if their eyes are deemed too sexy.

It is claimed that the proposal was made by a member of the committee because he was attracted to a woman’s eyes as he was walking along the street. It caused a fight with the woman’s husband who ended up being stabbed twice while trying to protect his wife’s honour.

Who do these virtuous committee men think they are? Whatever these Saudi Arabian clerics say seems to be proclaimed as Islamic for the rest of us too. Well this is absolutely not the case no matter how hard these men fool themselves.

The dress code for women who follow the religion of Islam is modesty. God also says the best form of dress is righteousness. God doesn’t tell women they must swathe themselves in veils and robes that cover every inch of their bodies, just to cover what is necessary and not expose ourselves too much.

Men and women are told to lower their gaze (24:30-31). So why was this cleric not discrete instead of staring into the eyes of a married woman walking in the street with her husband? This seems mighty hypocritical to me and it certainly goes against what God deems Islamic and modest.

The Committee of Virtue and Vice have been accused repeatedly of human rights violations. In 2002 they refused to release female students from a burning school in Mecca because their heads were uncovered.

Women in Saudi Arabia have been campaigning for the right to drive cars. Internet petitions have been signed all over the world to overturn this sexist law prescribed by this inhumane committee of men. Arabian women have been given the right to vote by the King of Saudi Arabia but not until 2015. The image of Islam has become severely corrupted by this committee and its fundamentalist rulings.

God says in the Quran that the men are responsible for the women, meaning they should be taking care of the planet and keeping women and their children safe. Instead these men have become very predictable in their pursuit of dominance over women. Anything that could jeopardise the virtue of a man must be blotted out and in this case it is a woman's rights to see where she is walking without falling on her face because one silly old man could not keep his eyes off the wife of someone else.

Chapter 24, verse 30
Tell the believing men that they shall subdue their eyes and not stare at women to maintain their chastity. This is purer for them. God is fully cognizant of everything they do.

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