Cleaning Up Coffee Stains

Cleaning Up Coffee Stains
Here is something we all have in common, whether you are a coffee drinker or not--coffee stains. Coffee is everywhere. At work, at home, at play and somehow in some way it’s going to get on your clothing, your desk, your table, spilled in your car--the possibilities are endless.

So let’s get down to business. How can we get it out? Remember that all remedies are at your own risk. Always follow your manufacturer’s instructions first. Read all instructions and when in doubt contact your manufacturer regarding the safety of any home remedy.

Vinyl/Ceramic Surfaces:

Since I am a coffee lover, I have my own tried and true ways to get rid of coffee stains.

One of my favorite products is Clorox Clean-Up Spray cleaner with bleach. I have two white vinyl tray tables that are constantly stained. However, Clorox Clean-Up Spray is not for the faint of heart. You must READ THE LABEL and use it wisely.

I wouldn’t recommend spraying this around your living room either because whenever using a spray bottle, the stream always goes beyond the area you are aiming for. This is especially critical to know when it comes to any product containing bleach. Do not use this on fabric or any item that can be damaged by bleach. Read the label carefully of the product and the surfaces you are cleaning. I cannot say this enough.

-Take the trays to an area that is safe for bleach like outside or surround the work area with newspaper
-Spray the tables and let sit a few minutes
-Wipe with damp cloth thoroughly several times

Voila-the tables look as good as new.


Why is it that whenever you wear a white blouse inevitably it will attract a stain? It’s like a magnet.

My emergency action for coffee stains when I am away from home is to dilute them with water. Especially if I don’t want to go through my day explaining what this big brown stain is on my clothing. Blot the item with a paper towel on both sides. Fan dry. I then try to wash it or take it to the cleaners immediately when I get home.

Another trick of mine, when I am at home and I’m not going to wash a garment immediately, is to put a bit of dishwashing liquid or stain product in that area and then wash it at my leisure.


As a coffee drinker you must follow, even more stringently than the average person, the generally accepted practices for healthy teeth such as:

-Brushing 2-3 times a day
-Use toothpaste that specifically handles tartar and plaque and protects the teeth such as Colgate Total 12 Hour Multi-Protection Toothpaste
-Get regular cleanings

Teeth whitening products and procedures can also be used, however their safety and side effects over the long haul remain to be seen.

Here are some other suggestions that abound:

-Rinse your mouth immediately afterward
-Brush immediately afterward
-Use a straw to drink


Here are are three great suggestions:

Use a towel to blot up coffee first
Dilute the area with water
Let dry thoroughly

Mix one teaspoon of a mild detergent (be sure it does not contain bleach)
Add to one cup of luke warm water.
Dip with a soft cloth
Blot stain until dry

Mix one-third cup of white household vinegar with
two-thirds cup of water.
Blot dry


Ever had a cup of coffee spill all over your car? This can be a real disaster but here are a few tips:

In your car you will be dealing with numerous types of surfaces.

The number one rule is get it up as quickly as possible.

Water in this case can be your friend.

Rinse vinyl mats as quickly as possible
Let dry thoroughly.

Wipe all vinyl surfaces with a damp cloth or wet paper towels

Dilute coffee stains on carpet and upholstery with water. Then:

-Blot up water
-Let the car dry thoroughly to prevent mildew-a much worse issue than coffee stains.

Here are a few other suggestions:

1-Mix one teaspoon of a mild detergent (be sure it does not contain bleach)
Add to one cup of luke warm water.
Dip with a soft cloth
Blot stain until dry

2. Mix one-third cup of white household vinegar with
two-thirds cup of water.
Blot dry

Great sites for coffee stain removal:



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