Dictionaries Online

Dictionaries Online
Most people are familiar with standard dictionaries like The Merriam-Webster or Oxford Dictionaries. They or their close counter part are available in every library and most people have at least a pocket version at home.

Below is a list of 29 different dictionaries available online. The list starts out with the standard dictionaries which contain common words and their meaning, along with synonyms and antonyms, Roget's Thesaurus, and a rhyming dictionary.

Then the list expands into some dictionaries that are a little more unusual. There are specialized dictionaries for almost every subject and for good reason. There are just too many words to include them all in one, easy to use volume.

Over the years I’ve amassed a small collection of specialized dictionaries on various subjects including, geography, psychology, graphics, computer terms, acronyms, metals, literary terms, languages, etc. I even have a compact edition of the Oxford English Dictionary which is over 4,000 pages, weighs around 23 pounds and requires a magnifying glass to read the microscopic print. Even with this comprehensive guide, there are times when I still must turn to other sources for information on specialized words or subjects.

Dictionaries are mini-encyclopedias. I actually enjoying looking through them, which is the reason why this list kept growing. I just couldn’t resist looking for more, but I finally had to stop myself or the list would have probably grown to a 1,000.

If you enjoy collecting and reading dictionaries you might be interested in joining The Dictionary Society of North America.

Other than starting with some standard dictionaries, the list is in no particular order.

1. One Look Ditionary

2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

3.Cambridge Dictionary

4. Synonym Antonym

5. Acronym Finder

6. Roget's Thesaurus

7. Rhyming Dictionary

8. Law.com Dictionary

9. Dictionary of Philosophical Terms

10. Etymology Dictionary

11. Life Science Dictionary

12. Free Online Dictionary of Computing

13. Skeptic's Dictionary

14. Netlingo

15. Dictionary of Units of Measure

16. Internet Picture Dictionary

17. Art Dictionary

18. Nonverbal Dictionary - body language

19. Rap Dictionary

20. Reverse Word Dictionary

21. Dictionary of Military Terms

22. Navajo Code Talkers' Dictionary

23. Dictionary of Heraldry

24. Electrochemistry Dictionary

25. Dream Dictionary

26. Dinosaur Dictionary

27. Slang Dictionary

28. The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce

29. Latin Dictionary

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