Hurricane Sandy - Find Lost Pets

Hurricane Sandy - Find Lost Pets
I recently did an article about the microchip and micro chipping birds. I also watched as some different pets were reunited with their human families after Hurricane Sandy because they had microchips. But then I realized that few pets were micro chipped. More animals than not, by far, did not have microchips. Animals were scanned for a microchip but few animals had them. These animals may never find their families. The sadist thing about all this, the microchip is easy to insert and is quite inexpensive.

I first thought about a story about finding lost birds with a microchip after I read a story about a 15-year old dog found in North Carolina. He had been lost seven years ago in Louisiana during Hurricane Katarina. Imagine the joy of finding your pet after that many years. Imagine the dog's happiness! This only happened because the dog had been micro chipped. When animals arrive at shelters animals are automatically scanned for microchips.

Since I am now also the Birds editor for BellaOnline I was interested in learning more about birds and microchips. I found out that birds as small as 65 grams could have a microchip inserted. Something else quite sad I learned, in one shelter alone, 150 birds had been scanned for microchips and not one of these birds had one. This could have been 150 birds that had been lost or stolen that could have been returned to their human families. Instead they couldn't be reunited.

This was just one shelter imagine all the shelters and the millions of birds that could have been saved.

Most any animal can have a microchip inserted. The procedure isn't limited to just dogs, birds or cats. Check with your veterinarian. Many people have lost their companion pets and depending on the type of animal there is usually little chance they will ever see their pet again.

If your pet is of an exotic nature the pet should also have visible contact information. Many people would be unaware that some animals could be pets. Would you presume if you saw a skunk or a raccoon that it could be a pet? Some animals would never be even recognized to what they were. They may not read the tag but they will know that it is a pet and call the lost pet in. The pet will have a microchip and be returned to their owner.

A microchip is as small as a large grain of rice and is insert with something much like a hypodermic needle. The microchip is safe. Also, and this is very important, it is permanent, a thief cannot remove it. This in itself becomes a powerful deterrent.

Avoid the heartbreak of possibly never finding a lost pet. Talk to your veterinarian about microchips! Don't presume they can never get loose many people have lived to regret that thought.

Learn more about microchips Microchip Birds - Found Bird

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