Hollywood Domestic Violence

Hollywood Domestic Violence
It seems there is another round of Domestic Violence cases going around in Hollywood again. Everyone who watches the news has seen the case of Chris Brown and Riana. The picture that was plastered all over television and the internet brought tears to my eyes. In a way, whoever let that photo to the public invaded her privacy yet all the young people that look up to Chris Brown and/or Riana needed to see what can happen when we let things get out of control and resort to violence as an answer to our anger.

As the story came out about a supposed car accident involving Tiger Woods, we learned his wife trashed his vehicle after discovering he had multiple affairs. Destruction of property is domestic violence even if you feel justified to smash up your significant others property. There is now a debate going around the internet questioning if having an affair is a form of domestic violence. The effects of an affair on a relationship, in my opinion, can fall under some of the signs of domestic violence.

If you watched the news on Christmas Day, you may have seen a story about Charlie Sheen being arrested in Colorado for domestic violence and assault against his wife Brooke. I haven’t heard the whole story but it is alleged he choked his wife and other stories say she had a blood alcohol level of .18. Other stories report she was attacking him in her drunken stupor, he was defending himself, and he was arrested.

Courtney Love of the band Hole and famous because her husband “killed” himself has a restraining order on her to protect her underage daughter, Frances Cobain, from her. Courtney is infamous for drug and alcohol abuse and has had custody of her daughter off and on since the death of Kurt Cobain.

NFL player Chris Henry was killed during a recent domestic dispute with his fiancée. The whole story on this one hasn’t come out but he jumped into her truck when she was trying to leave. He somehow fell out of the truck and died at the scene. If she was trying to leave, why did he try to stop her? Now there are 3 children without their father.

Lastly, I just read this morning that R&B superstar Mary J. Blige attacked her husband and her CD release party because he was flirting with another woman. She wasn’t arrested though. This is another trend that irritates me. Why does it seem of for us woman to hit a man and not see any ramifications for this behavior?

Does the pressure of being famous cause these incidents? Domestic violence happens every day, every minute across America. Most cases get swept under the rug and hushed behind closed doors. When a famous person becomes a victim, there is a huge outcry for change and the need to stop the violence. When your neighbor has bruises from her husband, why do people divert their eyes and not want to see?

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