Number Freak - Math Trivia - Review

Number Freak - Math Trivia - Review
Number Freak shares everything the author could find associated with each number from one to two-hundred. The tidbits could include mathematical principles to trivia. They relate to math, science, sports, history, art, and even language. There is no table of contents; the numbers represent each new section. The text is sprinkled with pictures and charts to help you understand his findings. Instructors and teachers can use this book to find material to introduce or conclude a topic. For instance, here are a few examples to grasp the flavor of the book.

*Since today’s date is the 18th, I looked under the “18”. There are 8 interesting points you have always wanted to know about the number 18. Hence, did you know a volleyball court is 18 meters long, and the ball is divided into 18 sections?

* The next point, I would use in a Geometry lesson of perimeter and area.
“A rectangle with a perimeter of 3 + 6 + 3 + 6 = 18 has an area of 3 x 6 = 18. Other than 4 x 4 square, this is the only rectangle whose area is numerically equal to its perimeter. “

*“2” is the only prime number that does not have an “e” in its name.

* The numerical representation of pi carried out to 35 decimals was inscribed on the tombstone of the German mathematician, Ludolph van Ceulen. For more details, refer to the number “35”.

*Consider this coincidence of the number 46 – In the King James Bible, refer to Psalms 46. “Shake” is the forty-sixth word from the beginning. “Spear” is the forty-sixth word from the end of the Psalms. “And in the year when the King James Bible came out – 1610 – William Shakespeare celebrated his forty-sixth birthday.

*”200” – In order to score 200 in bowling, you need only to alternate strikes and spares. Finally, if you weigh over 200 pounds, you are considered a heavyweight as a fighter.

If you take a few minutes to browse through Number Freak, you are sure to learn something you did not know yesterday. Give it a try.

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