Men Behaving Badly

Men Behaving Badly
Do these names ring a bell? Former U.S. Senator John Edwards, Tiger Woods, Mark Sanford (a/k/a Governor, South Carolina) Elliott Spitzer (former Governor of New York), Jim McGreevey (another disgraced former (now 'Gay') Governor - New Jersey). All but one of these are in the "I did not have sex with that woman" category. They're all admitted cheaters, liars, betrayors. 'What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive'...

Yes, yes, I know - they're ALL sorry, sorry, oh so sorry....blah blah blah...yada yada yada --- PUH-LEEZE, don't insult our intelligence, guys! You're only sorry - that you / or because you - got caught with your finger in the cookie jar --- or in, you get my drift....somewhere where your body parts were not supposed to be. Did it ever occur to one of them - any of them, that they might have given their wife/wives not only a venereal disease - but possibly a deadly disease - hepatitis C, AIDS, the list goes on and just makes me want to shake them until their eyes roll back in their heads....first class jerks - no, that's too good a description; pond scum is more appropo.

For a brief moment I thought this was an epidemic targeting 'Governors' - but no, this cheating epidemic is running rampant in many different venues - politics, sports, show business, and of course, the general public. A cheater is a cheater, plain and simple. I'm sorry to disillusion you but 99% of them are NOT going to change - forget 'sexual addiction' clinics and all the rest. Sorry to sound pessimistic or cynical, but I'm based in reality (for the most part).

I am done with these victimized wives who choose to stand by their man - on TV, next to the podium where he announces his transgressions, then he takes her down with him. Yeah, yeah, to err is human - to forgive Divine. But, most of these guys are still fornicating. Wives -- don't stick around with egg on your face until the bitter end - he's not thinking with his head - or his heart - he's thinking with a completely different region of his anatomy. Most of these guys are mid-lifers who want to feel young again - and they have traded in their old models for a new Ferrari - or so they think.

Do these guys REALLY BELIEVE that the women who have hooked their wagons to their 'star' are lusting after them the way these guys are lusting after these women? Come on - okay, then, I've got some swamp land - still available - that I'd like to sell you. Get a grip, guys. These women are after the brass ring -you have - uh, maybe past tense HAD - celebrity - you were famous, had a great career, lots of cash and well, you get the picture. You were maybe attractive because you were in a position of Power. Now that you have fallen from your perch -- see how many of these paramours stick around for the final ACT!

John Edwards has now admitted cheating on his wife for the past several years, while she is suffering from terminal cancer; he had previously denied having had a child with his paramour, the now infamous Rielle Hunter. Meanwhile, the little girl looks just like him - and, after all the denials, surprise - the baby turns out to be his! The audacity involved here is more than I can wrap my brain around. She had his child - then Edwards had one of his aides swear that he (the aide) was actually the Father and not Edwards (never mind the fact that that particular aide had a wife and family of his own!); the latest news is that Edwards has bought Hunter a house in his own neighborhood and moved her and his baby daughter in there; his wife has finally unloaded him - and there are rumors he has proposed to Hunter. And this guy might have been our NEXT President???? What were we all thinking??

Tiger Woods -- Ongoing - his well-choreographed and engineered speech is front and center right now as everyone dissects every word. My last word is -- Get out, Elin - get out now. Take the money and start a new life with a wonderful, new man who deserves you. Even though Tiger is going thru a supposed 'rehab' - he will always have those thoughts and desires even if he manages to NOT act on them. Is that the kind of man you really want to be with?? And, no, he's not the man you thought he was.

I'm going to throw John Mayer in here - because even though he's not married, he has proven that he is a despicable human being. Hey John - here's a flash for you - WORDS DO HURT. They cut like a knife. Yes, I know, you apologized during a concert - very lame. Insincere. It was strictly to save your career - probably on advice from the people in your camp. Mayer is what I call a 'Peter Pan' man. He is a 10 year old trapped in a 32 year old's body. I believe he is a misogynist (a man who hates women). He never reached his proper maturity level. He never wants to grow up. He likes acting like an ignorant child. Baffoon.

Mark Sanford told his wife he was 'hiking the Appalachian' trail in South America. Ummm, nope, he was hiking Maria Belen Chapur of Argentina - the woman he says is his 'soul mate'. I wanted to throw up in my mouth when he took to the podium to supposedly apologize for his unethical behavior - then he turned around and blurted out that he had hurt his paramour, his soul mate! before even mentioning that he hurt his wife and children....what is this guy on? He also mentioned he was going to TRY to fall (back) in love with his wife again! (PUH-leeze, don't do her any favors!) His wife appeared on the Joy Behar Show touting her new book this past week and being oh so forgiving when speaking of her infamous husband. I was squirming in my chair as she made one excuse after another for him. I just don't get it. I am disgusted and revolted by the whole situation.

These so-called 'men' have probably always had a fundamental character flaw which apparently lied dormant until their mid-life crises kicked in. Then, all bets were off! I don't even see much guilt or remorse being exhibited by them -aside from the 'presentation' that Tiger Woods put on for us - all nicely structured to please (mostly) his backers, the people who have made him a household name and who butter his bread - 22k gold bread, that is.

I cannot even begin to comprehend the emotional and mental pain these women have been forced to suffer because their husbands had no conscience. Their husbands' deceitful and devious actions show us they were lacking in good moral fiber and values - they have fundamental character deficiencies that should not be tolerated. They operated under a false sense of entitlement - acting as if they were above reproach.

I wish we could bring back 'stoning' -- Or, better yet - chopping things off - chopping off the part of the anatomy that correlates to the crime committed. Stealing would mean chopping off the hand. Fornicating would mean chopping off the....well, you've got the idea. For now, I'll have to settle for 'chopping' by writing -- the Pen is Mightier than the Sword - as in Poison Pen - chop chop!

Until next week........

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