Serial Cheating - Despicable & Dangerous

Serial Cheating - Despicable & Dangerous
Here we go again. It must be something in the water with these horny, serial cheating, condom-less connivers. They're really just boys, each one in a grown-up body. It's the 'Peter Pan' syndrome. They never want to grow up. They refuse to accept responsibility - apparently commitment (as in marriage) means nothing to them. They spit in the face of monogamy. They fool around and fool around - and hope (or think) they won't get caught. You will never see them 'out' themselves - come on, think about it - each one of the recent celebrities were 'found' out or 'ratted' out, -- otherwise they'd still be slithering around with all kinds of dirty girls hoping never to get caught. Remember, 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'...; sooner or later, they usually get caught - with their pants down. And oh the lies, the lies, the lies -- don't they seem to come so naturally, though? it's scary how these guys can cover up their duplicitous lifestyles - and, for such long stretches of time!

Case in point - that boring, no-personality Jesse James. This guy looks about as tough as a vanilla ice cream cone. Yet, Sandra Bullock thought she saw something in him - something that no one else noticed. Maybe she is sorely in need of an eyeglass prescription. Ever since I watched him on last year's 'Apprentice' - for once I have to agree with Donald Trump. He had James all sized up. He called him 'cunning'. He couldn't understand how a guy like him could be with a lady like Sandra Bullock. He said it over and over on his 'Celebrity Apprentice' show - and I have to admit, he hit the nail on the head with this creep. As they say, there is no accounting for people's taste.

Let me recap for you just some of the more recent flagrantly infamous fools here (that we know about!): Peter Cook (Mr. Christie Brinkley), Elliott Spitzer, Tiger Woods, Sen. John Edwards, Gov. John Sanford (S. Carolina) - and the latest to join the hit parade, the Motorcycle celeb, Jesse James. Doesn't his name really say it all?

Thinking back to the Oscar Awards show, I did notice something strange when Sandra Bullock was being interviewed on the red carpet - it was a red flag, I just didn't realize that at the time. I kept wondering why her husband, Jesse James, stood way far back off camera. I found that very suspect. Most or maybe all of the celebs who were interviewed stood front and center with their respective spouses. However, when Sandra was being interviewed I saw James far off at the top of the screen buried among others in the background. Now it comes out publicly that the best friend of James' alleged paramour backs up the paramour's story that James told her he was separated from Bullock. It's the old 'we had to keep up appearances at the Oscars' excuse. In my estimation - even thinking back then when none of this was made public yet - I didn't think he looked very enthused to be on the red carpet. Maybe he knew he didn't deserve a lady like Sandra. He had that phoney, typical cheesy smile of his - he looked like he was grinning and bearing it, if you ask me. But then how can you tell anything about a guy when the guy has the personality of a grapefruit.

Now his wife has to go through the humiliation from the paparazzi and the public as if SHE did something wrong -- as in, namely, the magazine "US Weekly" - their latest cover is titled, "Married to a Monster". It makes me shudder. What a headline. Just like in Tiger Woods' case, the paramours are starting to come out of the woodwork. What's worse is that it sounds as if it was mostly pre-meditated - enticing women into his lair at his motorcycle shop thru ads that he placed in the paper...Ewwwww.....

Let's keep in mind the worst of his/their sins. The total irresponsibility they've shown when they bedded these other 'women' -- in that they have played Russian Roulette with their wives' health and welfare - and subsequently that of their children. Did any one of them at any time think of the fact that all the while they were bedding their paramours they were then going home with a 'loaded gun' by sleeping with their wives. Did they even care - or is that how truly selfish and self-centered they really are and have shown themselves to be? It's despicable of them to have put their wives' health at risk and possibly subjecting them to either a death sentence or a chronic health condition that could affect them for the rest of their lives. Evil.

There should be a special punishment for guys like these. In my estimation, they will never change. OHH yes, oh that's right--wait -- I forgot - they're SORRY - they're sooo very sorry -- yeah, NOW they're sorry because they were found out. But, they weren't sorry when they were having a high old time at their wives' expense. They were only thinking of their pleasure - not one iota about the pain they would cause their spouses. Not to even mention the fact that these guys would still be messing around had they not be found out! Please, ladies, run -- don't walk -- to the nearest exit. These types of guys don't change.... you deserve so much better...don't sit idly by and be the victim - take control of your life now! Remember this: Each one of these losers was NEVER the 'man' you thought he was - or that he portrayed himself to be. Keep thinking about the betrayal - the sneakiness, the dishonesty, the many hours when he/they disappeared that somehow were never accounted for. Selfish, self-absorbed, arrogant Masters of Deceit and Deception. Evil players.

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