Civet Coffee - Kopi Luwak

Civet Coffee  -  Kopi Luwak
The most expensive coffee in the world comes from the civet. More exactly, it comes from civet dung. Civets eat the coffee beans, it goes through the digestive system, and the prime coffee beans come out the other end. (The end opposite of the mouth) The civet coffee called Kopi Luwak is considered the caviar of coffee. It is said to be the best coffee in the world.

The civet's digestive enzymes break down the beans and strip it of the acidy that us coffee lovers finds so offensive. The coffee is much mellower. I prefer my coffee extremely dark. For everyday coffee we buy Folgers Black Silk and fill the coffee filter about 3/4' s full. We use filtered water because the least little bit of chlorine or copper gives the coffee an off taste.

The coffee beans are collected from the fresh feces of the civet; it is then cleaned and roasted. (I am thrilled to hear about the cleaned part). The dung must be sorted to separate the feces, other food the civet eats, and coffee beans. This is all hand done so I expect this is part of the hard to believe price. Another part being is that few people are in the business. The good news, it's low in caffeine.

Watch out for fraud. As with everything you will find fake civet coffee. Yes, there is Kopi Luwak swindlers! You will have a chance to order kopi luwak coffee if you have the bravado to try it.

The cost of the civet coffee is around $100-$300 per kilogram (1 Kgs is 2.2 pounds). In chic cafes in major cities you'd pay 1500 dollars a Kgs. That is one expensive habit. I wonder how soon we will see it in Starbucks.

At one time the coffee Kopi Luwak was thought to be a myth but I assure you it is quite real. Make sure you get the real thing and not a load of bull cr$or is that civet cr&p?

There is a lot of discussion about civet farmers or the civet farmer. I am sure there are many civet farmers that treat their animals humanely but with any seeker of profit through potential exploitation and abuse, especially when it comes to money.

Here is a civic coffee video "Extreme Coffee Sumatra" Kopi Luwak

A civet coffee video the ultimate brew from the bowels of a beast; YouTube video. civet coffee video from YouTube

Try civet coffee for yourself! You haven't drank a cup of coffee if you haven't tried it.

Please read the primary article about the civet or civet cat - the pet civet Civet - Civet Cat

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Here is a chance to buy authentic kopi luwak coffee, Indonesian Kopi Luwak, also known as civet coffee

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