Asheron's Call : Dark Majesty

Asheron's Call : Dark Majesty
There are many, many people out there who love on line role playing games. From the early days of text MUSHes to the current amazing graphics, role playing with hundreds to thousands of other users has a built in attraction.

Asherons Call Dark Majesty

While not as popular as the infamous EverQuest (known as 'EverCrack' to those addicted to it), Asheron's Call has a smaller but loyal following that enjoy its way of life. There are unique monsters, ever-changing quests and tasks, plus bands of archers, magic users and fighters who work together to achieve their goals. It can be a 24-hour-a-day way of life for some.

Our whole family takes part in this adventure - it lets us all play together regardless of where we're located or our age. Both young and old can be valued members of the team, and with the expansion, much of that becomes even easier. Instead of trying to figure out how to always carry every possession you own, Dark Majesty allows you to (Finally!!) own a house. You can store your belongings there, and only people you allow access will go inside. This makes homes great gathering places for far-flung family and friends.

You could grandchildren in Texas playing with grandparents in Florida, joined by their Aunt in Alaska and their cousin in France. Everyone shares in the fun, talks with each other, and has fun!

In addition, there is a new island available, plus new monsters and quests. Long-time players who are looking for a new spark will find it with this expansion. If you've memorized every tree and rock in the regular world, this new one will keep you entertained for quite a while.

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We purchased this game with our own funds for the purpose of this review.

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