Mini Pig Teacup Pig at the Golden Globes?

Mini Pig Teacup Pig at the Golden Globes?

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I am afraid to burst any bubbles of the mini pig, micro-pig, or teacup pig band wagon, but to downsize with selective breeding it could take a hundred years or more. Some of these breeders are breeding as early as they possibly can (eight or nine months) which is horrendous to the animal. The offspring are small but it also takes 3-5 YEARS for these pigs to reach their full potential in size. I am watching to see what size these animal actually get.

This is a publicity stunt ready to blow, there are going to be hundreds if not thousands of pigs showing up at pig shelters and rescues. Just like what happened when the Miniature Pot-Bellied Pig was popular.

People also just have to have the latest pet with no regards to laws or what are they planning on doing with this pet when they get tired of it. People are clueless, when the sheriff shows up at the door, when a neighbor complains of a pig running around, finding out they can’t have the pig in town or the city. It is against local ordinances.

Another wakeup call is the smell of pig feces. I have raised pigs; I know what it smells like. I kept my pig’s pens in pristine condition. It just takes one bowel movement to start vaporizing the immediate area. Add some sunlight to really increase the bouquet. If you live in town, exactly what do you intend on doing with all this manure? On a farm pig manure is gold. Pig manure in town would be like a fish factory being closed down with no refrigeration in the heat of summer. Can you imagine what the odor would be like?

I certainly have nothing against pigs as a pet. They are intelligent. I am not going to compare intelligences of animals. Let’s just say they are a heck of a lot smarter than people have given them credit. They are also very social. They have to have company of their own kind or their human family, and that doesn’t mean for a half hour after you get off work and before you start to sit in front of the television.

When the word got out that mini pigs were going to be given out to the stars that receive the swag bag gifts little tokens to remember the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California(it turned out to be certificates for the mini pigs) but either way this was totally and utterly irresponsible!

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