Semper Fidelis - Marine Corps

Semper Fidelis - Marine Corps
Semper Fidelis - Marine Corps is in essence Soldner 2. They avoided the name Soldner for this release because Soldner (the original) did so poorly. It's a great concept - but poor implementation.

This is an incredibly customizeable battlefield game with up to 32 people multiplayer on a normal server. There are tons of gun types and a huge variety of vehicles including tanks, helicopters and boats. You can customize your character's look, clotihng, camo pattern, and much more. The maps are HUGE with incredible amounts of detail. This really should be a stellar game.

However, when you try to start playing, you realize what the problems are. The single player missions are rather awful. The AI is extremely poor. There are numerous bugs. People float in the air.

On one hand you can say the graphics aren't stellar - but on the other hand, given the size of the maps, it's rather impressive that you still get waving grass and leafy trees across that entire, gigantic space. The number of item models in the game is rather staggering.

However, with the maps being so huge, to have only 32 people in a given map makes it less fun. You could go quite a while before even finding someone else. They really should have opened this up for far more players.

There are many little details that show they were trying. When you kneel with an automatic weapon, the gun "moves up" with the recoil. If you lay down with it, using the bipod, the gun is much more steady.

You almost wish that they had worked on QA on this game for another 3-6 months. On paper, the game seems fantastic. The range of weapons, the size of the maps, the amount of customization is very impressive. But with actual gameplay containing so many problems, you quickly want to play another game that is more stable.

Maybe when they come out with Soldner 3 - with much more testing time - this will become a top seller. Until then, this just isn't ready for prime time yet.

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