How to Boost Tweets and Retweets Quick & Easy

How to Boost Tweets and Retweets Quick & Easy

1. Alternate between "Title Tweets" and "Copy Tweets."

  • A study done by and HubSpot showed that alternating between the titles of your blog posts and content within the blog posts increased engagement significantly;

  • To tweet copy simply tweet stats or facts you cover in your posts as well as other quotes and content that are easy to share in a tweet that peaks interest.

2. Ask a Question

  • A great way to increase engagement is to ask a question that pertains to the topics you write about.

3. Share a quote.

  • You can use quotes from your content or other quotes that invoke curiosity or bring about positive emotions.

4. Keep Tweets Under 110 Characters

  • To help others retweet your tweet, keep you tweet characters shorter than the max;

  • Studies show tweets under 110 characters get retweeted more often;

  • Think about it;

  • When you retweet something isn't it easier when you don't have to erase some of the characters in order to fit what you want to add into your retweet?

5. Images

  • A study by Buffer has shown that images increased clicks by 18%, with an 89% increase in favorites, and a huge 150% increase in retweets.

Advanced Tactic:

Summary Card with Large Image:

  • Twitter has an advanced option called Summary cards. These allow you to add a large image along with 140 characters;

  • To see an example of a summary card used by @PubNub | Click Here;

  • Here is Twitter's Getting Started Guide: Getting Started with Cards.

6. Ask for Retweets

  • This sounds so simple and yet many people forget this vital tip. If you want your tweets to be retweeted use one of these phrases in your tweet: retweet, please retweet, or please rt.

7. Use hashtags

  • Many studies have shown that using hashtags in your tweets can double your engagement;
  • Best practices are to use one to two hashtags per tweet;

  • In the tweeting world it is important to know that using more than two hashtags can drop your engagement by 17%.

8. Use links

  • Make sure that you use shortened links to allow people to come and read what you have written.


  • Use direct tweets with a compelling headline, 1 to 2 hashtags, and a link back to your post. This can increase your engagement by 50% or more.

9. Tweet Daily

  • Many studies have shown that tweeting 1 to 4 times a day increases engagement substantially;

  • However, like the hashtags, more is not better in Twitter land;

  • Don't tweet more than 4 times a day or you risk decreasing your engagement substantially.

10. Watch your words

  • In Social Media messaging as well as all online marketing, be careful what you say, and how you say it;

  • Talk directly to your audience by using "You" and never using "I," "We," or "Us;"

  • To help increase your engagement you have to talk to people in the perspective they are in;

  • Take yourself and your company out of the equation and have digital conversations that help people and solve problems.

A study done by Dan Zarella found:

  • Including some of these words increased engagement: "you," "free," "help," "New Blog Post," and "10";

  • Interestingly, using the words "Social Media" or the #SocialMedia hashtag ranked very high in increasing engagement.

Words Not to Use

Just as important to know are the words another study done by Dan Zarella showed that you should not use:

  • "-ing" verbs like "going," "watching," and "listening" are usually answers to question tweets like "What are you doing?" and they don't get very many retweets;

  • Informal chatting like "lol," "gonna," and "hey" fall into the don't category as well;

  • Don't tweet about mundane activities or chit-chat if you want to increase your engagement.

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