Make Your Writing a Priority

Make Your Writing a Priority
How many times have you thought of a great idea for a book or article, only to look back during a moment of pondering, to discover how much time has gone by....and still no book or article?

Down through the ages, time has meant many different things to many divergent peoples all over the world. Writers have always had to deal with time. However, in the busy world we live in today, do you ever wonder...will I ever find the time for my writing?

Take heed if you do. This happens to a lot of writers. How do they solve this you ask? There are many wonderful books for writers on how to establish and set goals. How to find a place, however big or small, to write in. How to develop and keep your muse, and many of these books are wonderful in the areas they teach in.

One thing I have noticed in books I have been reading to review, is the lack of an element which must be present for a writer to actually sit one self down, and yes, write. Without this one step, all your goals, brilliant ideas, and studies, will all fall short.

This element is called...Priorities. I know it does not sound very novel does it? You may be wondering why I am writing about this at all. So, I will tell you.

I discovered recently, much to my dismay, that I had missed some of my weekly writing goals. Now, over the last eight months or so, my life has been incredibly hectic. More so than I can ever remember. If I had missed a weekly writing goal during these past eight months, I would have been disappointed, but I would have figured it was due to the busy time that was out of my control.

Well, here I sat last week, pondering on my short term and long term writing goals. I was trying to decide which book to write now. I love writing. I missed it so much during the last few years when I was unable to write due to a long term illness. Once I became healthy again, all I could think about was getting back to my writing on a consistent basis.

Imagine my shock as I sat pondering. I started to review my last few weeks of writing, and then it hit me. That low sinking feeling that envelops you when you discover a piece of reality you had no idea about. I discovered, that even though my life is calm and quiet now, and, I have lots of time to write, I still fell behind. What is worse, I did not even realize it right away.

When I reviewed all I had written when my life was so busy and chaotic, and compared it to all I did not get written when I had the luxury of free time to write, I finally realized that piece of the equation that was missing these last few weeks. In my joy of free time, I had inadvertently allowed my writing to fall from a main priority. I allowed other interesting things to come first.

As I reviewed a few more books to write about this week, I noticed that making your writing a priority in your life was not spoken of. So I thought I would share my experiences with you, my readers, and ask, how do you make time for your writing? Is it a priority? Or do you simply wait to find some time to squeeze it in?

I'd love to hear from you. Why not share your thoughts and experiences with me in my forum. You can find it here:
Nonfiction Writing Forum

Happy Writing!

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