The Very Latest WWE, TNA, and Indy News - The 4/28 Edition

The Very Latest WWE, TNA, and Indy News - The 4/28 Edition
Hey, I am back with news you can use. There is SO much to talk about when it comes to the resurrection of the ECW brand that I am writing a separate column about all the things that are happening behind the scenes to make the concept a reality, so be on the lookout for that later. Let's cut to the chase.


WWE's Bob Holly (Bob Howard) has been battling a serious infection for months. He apparently got a staph infection which seemed to clear up with antibiotics but came back. He had surgery to remove bone chips and fragments from his elbow and it was discovered the infection had settled into the elbow joint and spread through his system. He now has what is called MRSA, which is a very serious bacterial/staph infection that is resistant to most antibiotics. He has been getting IV antibiotics around the clock but has not shown improvement yet. There is a very real danger that he could lose his arm or worse. WWE conducted an interview with him at this link: Hardcore Holly Fighting for Life. In the interview, Holly says he was told to wrestle instead of getting the infection taken care of which led to this life-threatening situation. He doesn't blame WWE. In fact, he praised Vince McMahon for taking care of him (financially) throughout this ordeal. "I’m not through yet," Holly says at the end of the review.

My mother had this same infection and it is amazingly difficult to rid your body of. She made it through on a potent cocktail of several antibiotics in intensive care for over six weeks. I am not a Holly fan per se, but I wish him a speedy and full recovery.


Former WWE Diva Search winner Christy Hemme is now part of the TNA family and I couldn't be happier. She debuted at the Lockdown pay per view and was on this week's Impact show on Spike TV Thursday night at 11 p.m. EST. You can catch a rerun on Saturday night. Also popping up on Impact this week were Marcus "Buff Bagwell" and Lex Luger. Next week, the two will be joined by "The Dog Faced Gremlin" Ric Steiner in an angle. I don't believe any will be wrestling but that could change. Buff is in amazing shape but Lex looks a bit thin and well past his prime. I haven't seen Rick Steiner yet but I bet he could take on brother Scott and win with ease these days.

The three are part of an ongoing angle wih Sting teasing who his partner will be at the next pay per view where he and a partner will wrestle Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner. I know who that partner is but will let you find out as the storyline plays out. Let's just say, it's probably the best choice TNA could have made at this point, in my opinion.

Raven also made his return at the Lockdown pay per view and subsequent TNA Impact show continuing his feud with Larry Zbyszko, who fired him in the storyline. In reality, he has been battling a thyroid condition which caused him a number of symptoms, one of which was rapid weight gain. Apparently he is feeling well enough to return to TNA, so let's hope he has the condition well under control now.


A while back, I told you about a tanning salon attendant who accused Vince McMahon of showing her naked pictures of himself, groping her, and pressuring her for sexual favors. After an investigation, the police have concluded there is not enough evidence or proof to continue and the case has been officially dropped. One newspaper, when reporting the incident, erroneously said that Vince was filing for divorce from Linda. That was untrue. Vince and Linda are still WWE's dynamic duo and are not having any marital problems, at least ones leading to any sort of break up.


At last, the long running lawsuit that Brock Lesnar began against WWE and which WWE countersued, has ended in a settlement. Details of that settlement have been kept secret but Lesnar's lawyer has confirmed that he didn't get all that he wanted while WWE is gloating that they are very happy with he outcome. Lesnar signed a 10 year no compete clause to leave WWE and pursue football. When that flopped, he wanted to return to wrestling only to find he was banned from wrestling and shoot fighting anywhere in the word. Lesnar claimed he didn't read the contract he signed and that he trusted Vince. (Why do people trust Vince when they are leaving?)

After much argument on both sides, the suit has been settled and Lesnar is staying mum about the outcome. Lesnar's attorney, David Bradley Olsen, would only say, "Although the settlement with WWE does not give Brock the clear-cut court victory he was looking for, it does provide him with the certainty he needs to pursue new ventures while he is still in his athletic prime."

According to an article in the Twin Cities Business Journal, Lesnar is not looking to work for WWE "at this time". You just have to know he will end up back there eventually.

You can read the whole article here: Brock Lesnar, WWE settle lawsuit.


Michael Cole has been named the new "Managing Editor" of the official WWE website, according to a text message issued by WWE. This should not interfere with his Smackdown commenting duties. There is a short blurb and an interview with Cole on the WWE website about his new position. Someone needs to keep that site in order. It's half kayfabe, half reality and no one knows which is which!


In case, you haven't had the date pounded into your head on Smackdown, Kane's movie "See No Evil" will open on May 19. Kane plays a psycho who yanks people's eyes out. Hmmm.

Meanwhile, John Cena's movie, "The Marine" has been pushed back again until September. Cena plays the main character in the movie which is an action adventure drama. I have seen pics of Cena in the movie and a few short clips and it looks pretty good. I have no idea why WWE continues to push back the opening date, but maybe it has to do with the kind of reception Cena is getting from the fans at the moment. It helps to have wrestling fans want to see a wrestler in a movie. That is how Rock became the star he is today.


The first World Wrestling Legends pay per view, entitled "6:05 Reunion" (Think back to WCW in its heyday and all those 6:05 p.m. Saturday night shows...) will air on Saturday, April 29 at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. EST on In Demand PPV. Those who subscribe to Direct TV will not be able to see the show as the two sides have not come to an agreement. However, it wouldn't hurt to drop an email to asking if Direct TV will show the event, as you would like to purchase it. The show is only $19.95, a steal to see so many wrestling icons on one show.

Those who like nostalgia will love this one. The card is as follows:

*Rick Steiner vs. Virgil
*Disco Inferno vs. Koko B. Ware
*Greg Valentine (with Jimmy Hart) vs. Jimmy Snuka
*Eddie Colon (with Carlos Colon) vs. Vampiro
*Kamala (with Friday) vs. Jake Roberts
*Tully Blanchard and David Flair (with JJ Dillon) vs. Dory Funk Jr. and Mike Graham (with Bruno Sammartino)
*Diamond Dallas Page vs. Chris Kanyon
*The Midnight Express (with Jim Cornette) vs Brad & Scott & Bob Armstrong (with Bobby Heenan)
*Scott Steiner vs. Buff Bagwell

I am starting on my ECW column which will have all sorts of news about ECW's One Night Stand pay per view and the plans for the actual brand returning. This is fun stuff. I just hope things work out for the best.

Also, in reference to my hazing column, I posted a link where you can see a very mild form of hazing that a fan captured on video. There is strong language in the video so watch with the sound off or down if you offend easily or have others in the room who do. The actual hazing was really a "baptism" of a rookie wrestler by Umaga, John Cena, Carlito, and several others. It's a very mild form of hazing that happens in most promotions. Still, Jeter must still be icing his chest. Check it out in the forum and sign up to respond to that and all the other posts!

I went long again, eek.

Until next time,

Everyone loves legends. Check out these two items. Great for nostalgia! Also, for those asking, the last book is a great read for anyone curious about breaking into the business.

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