You’re Welcome America Movie Review

You’re Welcome America Movie Review
i>Directed by Marty Callner
Written by Will Ferrell
Release Date: 2009 (TV Special)
Running Time: 115 minutes
Editor’s Rating: 4 out of 4 Americas

Good afternoon my fellow Americans.

George W. Bush here, and I’m here to talk to you about this movie that came out about just around the time I left office as leader of the greatest nation in the world. It was done by that dude Will Ferrell. He did me a lot back in the day, and I guess kinda still does. But you know, I took a lot of jabs at me durin’ my presidency. I swear, from the day I got in office, it's been like one of those Friar Tuck Roasts anytime I turn on the TV. And I can say, hand to God, he done it best.

But ya know, even if he was takin’ one last crack at me with this, I just can’t watch it and feel a little proud, ya know? I did all these great things, like landin’ a plane on a nucular-powered aircraft carrier, takin 40% of my presidency off, and handlin’ two of the biggest disasters in American history in a style that would make America remember me forever, and hey, here they are, at the twilight of my term, part of a big ol’ show based on my time in office.

And ya know what? It’s dang funny.

Dude, I wish I could get a Secret Service like that Jerry dude in the act. Lettin’ me all leave whenever I want and distractin’ everyone while I go get changed. It’s amazin’! And dang, If Condy looked as good as she did in that show, I can tell ya, all the junk that people were sayin’ back in the day woulda come true, I tell ya what.

Jeez, they’re talkin’ bout Clinton back then… man, they ain’t seen nothing if that Condy was my Condy…

I also dig the jokes they got for Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. Sheez, you know, I can’t even look Karl Rove in the eyes, cause I’m afraid my eyes will bleed. Little chipmunky-cheeked S.O.B looks pretty enough, but he’s got a mean side to him that'd put rust on a barn door. I once saw him brush his teeth with steel wool and laugh while doin’ it. Then he washed his mouth out with acid. And jeez, with Uncle Dick, he just made me feel so safe. So carefree. Like I didn’t need to do anything - I could just, do me, ya know?

And boy, let me tell you. I did me. A lot. Oh man, I did me, and I did for all my buddies. And you know what? Movie talks bout that too! Dang fine reportin' that Ferrell dude did. Reportin'? That right? Yeah, gotta be. I'm the decider, I know this stuff. It's my livin'.

I just don't like that the whole thing happens on a big ol' floor. I mean, this was on the MOVIE channel. Why wasn't this a movie? Are they just trying to destroy themselves? And they make it seem like I'd talk to anyone in that audience. Well, it's their movie, I guess they can make some stuff up. I wouldn't mind a swig of that beer at the end, though...

Anyway, this was a mighty fine portrayal of my presidency. Some might call it mocking, some might call it disrespectful. I just call em like I see em, like I always had done my whole life: I'm an awesome guy. I had an awesome presidency. And now I got an awesome movie about my most awesome moments.

You're welcome, America.

eye> **I watched this a couple days ago, on the Hulu's. I didn't see any money for this, but like I really needed it, ya know?** no eye>

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