Exotic Pets - Effects of Stress

Exotic Pets - Effects of Stress
I don’t know why some people act as they do. It’s kind of as if they thrive on stress. Squabble over nitpicky little things until the other person doesn’t respond to the important requests. I often wonder if it isn’t an incredibly low self-esteem that causes these harmful behaviors. It goes without saying it is psychologically damaging to children. Has anyone stopped to think about the ramifications to pets and exotic pets?

Has your pet suddenly started acting differently than normal? We examine the usual stuff, change of diet, new animal in the house, and a host of other things that may cause behavioral changes in animals. If that isn’t the case, then we need to examine other things that may be going on in the household as well as potential physical problems with our pets. Household stress causes physical and psychological damage in pets and children.

A good place to begin to erase any doubt in your mind would be a physical examination with the pet’s veterinarian. If it isn’t a physical problem then it is time to examine your household.

Has a life changing event occurred in your home? A life changing event could be a divorce, death in the family, spousal problems, a new baby, debt problems, a new spouse, or even a new exotic pet or pet, and a huge assortment of other things that can influence us emotionally. If it distresses us, then it will also distress our pets.

Another huge stress inducer is money and not just the lack of it. Everyone can proclaim not having enough money. It is the management of money. The big problem is poor management, which is someone that spends with no concern for the future and sits with pie on his or her face. No one needs expensive clothing, or other unnecessary things - whatever your vice may be. I remember when I worked fulltime and had young children. On my days off I would cook up a storm. I rarely bought expensive readymade items. To this day I use my crock-pot; I always cook for at least two days instead of buying a bunch of expensive easy to make items. Going out to dinner was a special event only, maybe twice a year. It just isn’t worth the additional stress in your life.

If you have a physical item that needs fixing do it now, don’t wait until it becomes a huge problem! Procrastination can become one of the biggest stress inducers; put a job off until it becomes a gigantic task. This is just plain and simple laziness. Mowing the lawn before it becomes a forest is fast and simple. Washing the dishes as you cook, and then wash the dishes you have just eaten off of is quick and simple, why wait until you can’t see your counter tops any longer.

Examine yourself, do you feel more anxious than usual? Animals are very intuitive and will certainly sense these changes. Is there a lot more yelling going on in the house? An occasional angry outburst comes with the territory but if it gets to be a daily occurrence then you really need to learn to deal with matters in a different way. Usually the person with the problem is the last to know they even have a problem. Talk to a doctor!

People will spend a great deal of time reading books and magazines on how to garden, how to craft, how to restore old furniture – but how many people will pick up a book on how to deal with children or pets? There are a lot of behavioral specialists that have written excellent books that can help. Usually, what applies to children will also apply to animals.

Many exotic pets can be very sensitive to emotional upheavals especially when it is ongoing. What is an emotional problem now can very well become a physical illness. Pets and children react exactly the same way; living with their parent’s or owner’s emotional turmoil will ultimately affect their health and their immune system. Has a child, pet, or exotic pet gotten ill and is not getting any better? Even allergies manifest because of emotional conflicts.

It isn’t fair to your pet, exotic pet, or child to live in a world of emotional chaos. As a pet owner or parent you are as much responsible for the mental health of your pet or child as you are with their physical well-being.

The holidays can bring on a tremendous amount of stress. KISS keep it simple sweetheart - enjoy your family and your family includes the pets!

Your frame of mind has a great deal to do with dealing with pain, immune system, and relaxation. The same things apply to your pet. I know that people are beginning to understand the importance of pets in our lives. Especially when the nifty little surgical brochure I received in the mail, to read prior to surgery recommends animals as a way to relax and to control post surgical pain. How cool is that? Pet therapy!

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