Quran, Islam And Life

Quran, Islam And Life
One day I was given an English translation of the Quran to read and from that day on I have never doubted my faith in God. Islam puts everything into perspective. Islam allows us to think for ourselves. Islam is easy to understand just by reading the Quran for yourself, not from listening to imams, parents or friends. Read the Quran in a language you understand. On the Quran subject page you will find links to websites where the Quran is translated into many languages.

The Quran tells us clearly that God is the only one who can teach us the Quran. So put your trust in God alone and never worry about what fellow human beings say is right or wrong. Find out for yourself. Use the brains, eyes and ears that God gave you. Read the Quran.

Sharing our thoughts and not dictating to others is how we learn. Be willing to listen but do not accept or believe anything until you verify it for yourself as the Quran tells us to do.

Islam is a truly liberating religion and I thank God I was shown this path. Many people who visit my site may disagree with what I have to say and how I understand Islam, but that is life. We are all unique and our beliefs are unique too. Name calling, violence or death threats are not required when discussing religion because the Quran clearly states, ‘my religion is my religion and your religion is your religion’. Insulting someone just because they disagree with your point of view gets us nowhere.

I have always been a believer in God and only God. God is not to be put alongside anything else be it human, animal or statue. God sent to mankind His messengers and prophets and all brought the same message, to worship God and only God. With the final prophet came the final scripture, The Quran, and God tells us it is the only guidance we need.

Those who claim Arabic is the only language in which the Quran can be understood lie to you as the Quran clearly states that it will be translated and it is the sincere believer who understands its message and not just someone who speaks Arabic.

All you need to do to educate yourself about Islam is to find a copy of the Quran, in a language you understand and read for yourself what God is saying to mankind. Forget what humans say that God is saying because no human alive or dead can speak for God. There is no God but God, God alone is God and God has no partner.

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