Common Myths About Gay and Lesbian Relationships

Common Myths About Gay and Lesbian Relationships
It’s Not Natural. Despite popular belief that the only natural way to mate is by male-female pairing, the animal kingdom has many examples of same sex couples. Just a few of those species include Dolphins, swans, giraffes, chimpanzees and penguins. All of whom are often seen pairing up with same sex partners. Which proves that all sex does not have to have a reproductive function.

Being Gay Is A Choice. While many people think that it is a choice, or that it can be cured, there is tons of mounting evidence that homosexuality may be in some part genetically or biologically based. The sexual and emotional feelings that we have towards another person, male or female, are all internal responses that quite frankly we have little to no control over. Bottom line, you truly cannot choose who you are attracted to or love, you can only control how to act on it.

Gay Relationships Don’t Last. Any one can Google gay relationship statistics and see that there is a lot of evidence out there that shows committed homosexual relationships are just as stable as straight relationships. In all fairness, just as unstable as well. It all boils down to the fact that gay or straight, male or female, black or white or blue or yellow… we all share similar strengths and flaws as human beings.

Gay People Do Not Make Good Parents. The many who oppose homosexuality, gay marriage, and gay adoption argue that same sex parents aren’t good for a child. That for a child to grow up healthy they need a mother and a father. While research shows that children raised by same sex couples do as well on average as children raised by a heterosexual couple. Lets not forget all the single mother and fathers out there who raise well adjusted kids with out ever having help from the opposite sex. Your gender and that of your mate does not factor into if you are going to be a good parent.

Gay People Are Promiscuous And Cannot Be Monogamous. While there are a number of men and women in the world who do not seek to be in a monogamous relationship, the idea that gay people are unable to maintain a committed relationship is just false. There are plenty of gay and lesbian couples who have very fulfilling and lovingly committed relationships. And there are others who would prefer not to settle down. It is a personal choice that every person makes, gay or straight, and ones freedom to do so.

While there are many more myths about gay relationships, the important thing to remember is that most of the time we are all looking for the same thing…Love! Love is not separated or defined by our sexual orientation. It is in the person we choose or don’t choose that we define our standards of who and how to love.

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