StarCraft Strategy Game

StarCraft Strategy Game
StarCraft stands the test of time as a strategy game extraordinaire. It is not just the trio of the zerg, protoss, and terran with their well balanced arsenals. It is the whole plot and atmosphere which shine.

StarCraft was one of the first strategy games I played where I got swept up into the storyline and became fond of the individual character types. Even many years later I still refer to the "zerglings" and remember the behavior of the individual troop types.

The game is incredibly fun just in single player mode, moving through the missions, refining and perfecting your skill with each of the three groups. Where it shines for me, though, is when you take it into multiplayer and take on other humans. The possibilities are pretty much endless. With all the troop types, and the various ways to use them, you can always find a fresh, interesting challenge.

We definitely own games that we played once, had a fun time doing so, and then put the game away never to be touched again. We have games that we wrote five star reviews when they came out but barely remember them several years later. This is NOT the case with StarCraft. We adored it when it came out, we kept playing it, and even years later we are strong advocates of the game.

Perhaps the only trouble you could have in modern times is that, because the game was released for Windows 95 and Windows NT, you might have difficulties playing the game on a just-released system. The game is, after all, from 1997. However, I just tested the game out on my 2010 laptop which is running Windows Vista. It ran without a problem. I logged into and there were currently 137 StarCraft games running! I'm not sure how many other 13 year old games you could find this kind of enthusiasm for.

Are there any downsides? Sure, the graphics are a little blocky compared with current high def games. Still, the minute I launched into my Zerg world, I was oblivious to any minor issues with the older resolution. The underlying plot and gameplay were all there. The same is just *fun*.

Highly recommended!

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