Kung Fury Movie Review

Kung Fury Movie Review
Directed and Written by David Sandberg
Release Date: 3 June 2015
Running Time: 30 minutes
Editor’s Rating: 4 out of 4 T-Rex/Mecha-Nazi-Eagle slap fights

How can I speak to this movie and try to get you to believe me? For one, I want to assure you that this film exists, and I didn’t just drop acid while watching 80s action flicks then fall asleep halfway through it, enabling me to have the most gloriously wacked-out fever dream imaginable, and decided to tell you all about that. But no. This happened through the power of the internet, and the determination to see a passion project through to its end.

Two years ago, writer/director David Sandberg took to Kickstarter, an online group-funding website, to help finance a project he had started with his friends. It paid homage to the 1980s action flicks he knew and loved, and thanks to the internet’s love of crazy stupid parody and a very impressive promo Sandberg and company were able to put together, his goal of $200,000 was met in two days. Over the 30-day fundraising period, he tripled the money he was looking for. Now it was just a matter of rewarding those who had funded the project and, of course, actually filming the movie.

Kung Fury is a force of nature. Well, a force of technology, really. The entire film is shot on a green screen, so digital effects abound. Many movies today use special effects ad nauseam, but Sandberg and team create such unbelievable and fantastical circumstances with their work that it’s simultaneously jaw-dropping and hilarious, like driving a Lamborghini into an arcade game-turned-robot to knock it down, then having the main character punch it until it dies.

The comedy in this movie is derived from sheer 80s nostalgia, focusing on terrible puns and over-the-top, hyper-violent action sequences. It’s not for kids, I guess. The over-the-top violence is so out there that I don’t think it’s a bad influence. If anything, the crew of Kung Fury has made a live-action cartoon with a frenetic and incoherent storyline that would give most soap operas or comic books a run for their money.

Kung Fury was a cop, until he was bit by a snake and struck by lightning at the same time while trying to apprehend a Kung Fu master, which caused him to turn into Kung Fury, superhuman master of all Kung Fu.

I promise, all of those words were exactly what I meant to say and are accurate to the story. If you’re like me, you just got really excited. Good. Let’s move on.

When Adolf Hitler causes trouble in present-day (1985) Miami, it’s up to Kung Fury to go back in time and take him out.

Again, all of those words are not typos. This is actually what happens.

Along the way, he is aided by Hackerman, the world’s best hacker, two viking women who ride T-Rexes into battle, a Triceratops who is also a cop, and Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Violence happens, and in the end, it all comes down to a final climactic battle between Kung Fury and Hitler, also known as Kung Führer.

Do you have to see this film now? Awesome. I knew you were cool. Check it out on YouTube, it’s completely free, and will be the best half-hour you spend this weekend.

Oh right, David Hasselhoff also sings the ending credits song. It’s amazing.

Now that everyone is over on YouTube, I’m going to go take a nap and sleep off the holes in my head I have now that my wisdom teeth are gone.

**This video is available to watch on Youtube for free. I was not compensated for this review.**

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