Two WWE Superstars in Violent Fist Fight. Or Were They?

Two WWE Superstars in Violent Fist Fight. Or Were They?

It is being reported by WWE that Batista and Booker T. got into a fist fight while filming a SummerSlam commercial on Monday. According to's interview with Booker T. about the fight: “It was simply about respect, that’s all.” Booker T, sporting a swollen left eye, commenting exclusively to about the bloody and brutal fight he had with former World Heavyweight Champion Batista on the set of the SummerSlam commercial Monday in Encino, Calif. It took a number of SmackDown Superstars to pull Batista and Booker T off one another in a fight that lasted at least five minutes. “I’m not going to say anything else about it. The fight had to do with respect,” says Booker.

The rest of the interview can be read here: Booker T sets the record straight

They end the interview saying that the site is "attempting to reach Batista for more on this situation."

WWE sent fans a text message letting them know of the fight soon after it happened.

Many feel this fight is a work or an angle by WWE to build up a feud between the two when Batista returns from his injury. However, wrestlers on the scene have said that there was a fight and it was bloody, with Sharmell getting involved at the end, though not physically. It took many wrestlers to pull the two off one another.

I am VERY leery about this. For one, Batista has always been respectful of the business and of veterans. For another, why would WWE text message the fight to the fans? Isn't that something they would want to tone down, not play up? And, while the interview has Booker talking out of character, it certainly sets up a great feud for the two when Batista returns.

It is expected that Batista will have his say on Wednesday or Thursday. Trust me, if wanted to reach Batista for an interview, they could. They try to play it off like they aren't part of WWE and are reporters but the truth is, the site is integrated within the WWE infrastructure and the interviews they conduct are part of the wrestlers' jobs. They can't say no.

However, a photo has been circulating of Batista who looks a bit scraped up (but not badly injured) and says that Booker sustained a swollen eye - though no pictures of that have surfaced.

If two men the size and strength of Batista and Booker got into an angry, heated fist fight that lasted over five minutes before being broken up, wouldn't you expect more than a few scrapes and a possible swollen eye? I could get into a fight with another girl and we would hurt each other more that that. I am a UFC fan. Five minutes is an eternity when two men are throwing punches and landing most of them. And UFC guys aren't even mad at each other. They just want to win the fight.

And wouldn't this type of physicality put Batista's recovery in jeopardy? And what about WWE disciplining their workers for fighting and possibly injuring - seriously - one another? Instead, they are interviewing the guys and sending text messages about the fight?

I am not saying this fight was a work. I have no way (yet) of knowing. But I wonder if a scuffle ensued between the two and WWE is making it out to be a big deal and now, turning it into a storyline.

We will know soon enough. Will there be a storyline between the two when Batista returns? The truth - one way or the other - will be confirmed eventually. But don't count on WWE to give you straight facts.

I will keep you informed about this somewhat bizarre shoot/work/angle whatever it is.

Neither man was seriously injured and Booker has said he will work with Batista, just won't be buddies with him. I will let you know what Batista has to say on the WWE website when he talks.

I smell a rat. It may not be a total work but I suspect WWE is getting a lot of mileage out of a disagreement that may not have really led to a true violent shoot fight.

Remember when Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart got into a fight backstage? I don't recall WWE writing stories about it the next day or getting both men's points of view on it. It was a serious fight and one that led Shawn to take some time off citing "unsafe working conditions." They fought for far less time and both were more banged up that Booker and Batista.

The things that make you go hmmm...

Talk about it on the forum! There is a thread already started there. What do you think? Work? Shoot? A combination of both?

I will be back with TONS of news within a day or so.


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