Absurd Wrestling Storylines

Absurd Wrestling Storylines
Recently, I talked about WCW “jumping the shark” when the company allowed David Arquette to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. I truly believe that started the downward spiral that resulted in Vince McMahon buying the company. That got me thinking about some of the absurd wrestling storylines over the years. How many of these do you remember?

Most will remember the storyline of Vince and Shane McMahon against Shawn Michaels and God. It started because Michaels would not turn back into the old partyin’ Shawn Michaels and how Michaels is a Christian now. So Vince tried to disgrace him, humiliate and embarrass him. When none of that worked, Vince ordered a match pitting himself and Shane O’ Mac against Shawn Michaels and…God... at Backlash 2006. Shawn Michaels was set to win the match until the Spirit Squad came running down and put Shawn through a table and Vince covered him for the victory. Notice they didn’t try that crap with God. It was a dumb storyline and culminated with an even dumber end to it.

Remember Mae Young getting pregnant by Mark Henry and then giving birth to a hand? What kind of crap is that? What was the point of that? What is the point of bringing Mae Young in to any storyline to make a mockery of her? Mae Young was one of the best of the business back in the day and now she is being made fool of at every chance Vince gets. Treat the groundbreakers with respect. You would never see WCW do anything to like that with Ric Flair, would you? Of course, there was that one time when David Flair had his father committed to the Looney bin…

Then if those weren’t absurd enough, we have the Kane-Katie Vick storyline. Remember this one? Remember Triple H putting on a Kane mask and climbing into a coffin and having sex with a mannequin that was supposed to resemble a dead body? That was just beyond distasteful. The story went that Kane was in love with a girl named Katie Vick and they were friends but she would never have intimate relations with Kane so when Katie “died” in a car accident or whatever, Kane reportedly had sex with her corpse and Triple H was showing us how sick Kane was to do that.

Is there any that are more distasteful than I have mentioned? I can think of one. Remember Hassan and Daivari sending ski masked terrorists into the ring to attack the Undertaker on the very day of the Al-Quaida terrorist attacks on downtown London? Vince had no choice but to fire those two after that because the public was so outraged at this.

However, the WWE has survived through these and other ridiculous storylines and they will continue to thrive apparently. Is there anything taboo left that Vince can tackle? Let’s see…we have been subjected to necrophilia, terrorism, birth defects, lesbians, live sex shows, bribery, I guess all that is left is incest really. How close are Shane and Stephanie anyway?

Do you remember any of wrestling’s dumb storylines? Come to the wrestling forum at BellaOnline and share your memories of the absurdity.

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