What To Read After Harry Potter

What To Read After Harry Potter

Where to go next after the completion of Harry Potter 7 is a hard decision to make. Here are several books, some pre-dating Harry by decades, that will help readers discover other books.

BOSTON, Lucy M., The Greene Knowe Chronicles
Children ages 8 and up will delight in this series of adventure, imagination, and exploration from the 1950s. Tolly comes to live with his great-grandmother at the ancient house of Green Knowe and becomes friends with three children who lived there in the seventeenth century.

DUANE, Diane, So You Want to Be a Wizard
13 year old Nita, tormented by bullies because she won't fight back, finds the help she needs in a book on wizardry which guides her into another dimension. Kit, a 12-year-old Hispanic boy with school troubles similar to hers, teams up with her to gain powers and are shifted "sideways" into an alternate Manhattan.

IBBOTSON, Eva, The Secret of Platform 13
Under Platform 13 at King's Cross Station there is a secret door that leads to a magical island. It appears once only every nine years. A magical group is waiting to find their prince, kidnapped nine years before.

______, Which witch
Arriman Canker discovered his destiny in magic and sorcery. When he had had enough of being the Great Wizard of the North, the way out was foretold by the best gypsy fortune teller in the country. However when Canker is tired of waiting a competition is arranged between the local witches. Whoever brews the darkest magic, would become Canker's wife.

JONES, Diana Wynne, The Dalemark series
For centuries, Dalemark has been a land divided by the feuding earldoms of the North and South. Now, with the help of the Undying, the mysterious gods of Dalemark, four young people from the past, present and future, will help shape the destiny of their land.

MacHALE, D.J., The Pendragon series
In the first book The Merchant of Death we meet Bobby Pendragon, a seemingly a normal fourteen-year-old boy. He has a family, a home, and even Marley, his beloved dog. But there is something special about Bobby. He is going to save the world.

McMULLAN, K.H., Dragon Slayers' Academy series
This series for younger grades features characters that are cleverly developed. The hero, Wiglaf, is the type children enjoy identifying with. He's small and not like the rest of his family, but shows cleverness and kindness.

PIERCE, Tamora, The Circle of Magic series
In lands surrounding the Pebbled Sea, four young people come orphaned or unwanted, eager to break down the barriers of class and culture. Sandry longs to be useful and competent. Daja, the Trader girl, wants to be a metalworker, but making things is forbidden to traders. Briar, a streetwise thief, harbors a special affinity for plants, and Trisana, the Merchant girl, seems to have a direct line to the forces of nature itself. The powerful mage, Niklaren Goldeye, brings all four to Winding Circle Temple, where their special gifts can grow and blossom.

RODDA, Emily, The Deltora Quest series
Seven gemstones in the Deltora belt provide seven stories in the quest to retrieve each of them, followed by the return to kingdom of Del. Begin with The Forest of Silence to discover how the gems were lost.

RUPP, Rebecca The Waterstone
Twelve-year-old Tad, finding that he holds an ancient wisdom and the power to draw beings together, embarks on a quest to seek a powerful crystal which, when retrieved from the evil Nixie, will restore balance to the world. A wonderful story about the power of self-sacrifice.

TRUMBAUER, Lisa, A Practical Guide To Dragons
This lavishly illustrated guide showcases the wide array of fantastic dragons encountered on the world of Krynn. Sindri Suncatcher-wizard's apprentice-opens up his personal notebooks to share his knowledge of these awe-inspiring creatures, from the life cycle of a kind copper dragon to the best way to counteract a red dragon's fiery breath.

WREDE, Patricia, The Enchanted Forest Chronicles
Beginning with Dealing With Dragons, Princess Cimorene isn’t your usual fairytale princess. She’d much rather be on an adventure than learning to be proper. Very funny!

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