Room Descriptions from DuneMUSH

Room Descriptions from DuneMUSH
DuneMUSH was a text only role playing environment based on the world of Dune. Here are some room descriptions that you might have seen if you wandered around in this environment. Note that in the real world of DuneMUSH, descriptions would change based on the time of day, the weather of the area, and much more.

Arrakeen Plaza (morning)

The white-hot sun climbs toward its zenith overhead, beating steadily into your brain, and people press you on all sides, jostling you with elbows and knees. The combination of the two mark this as only one place in the entire known universe: Arrakeen Plaza, heart of the Imperial City. The shrill cries of water-sellers and other vendors of tawdry wares assaults you on every side, and the press of the never-ending crowd prevents you from seeing any real distance in any direction. Where the trees, grasses, and flowers that mark the centerpieces of other worlds would be, here there is only dust sweeping across the sandstone cobbles in an uncharacteristically slight breeze for Arrakis. Vendors all around you are starting to take down their stands in preparation of the long, broiling midday ahead. Slowly, the Plaza is quieting down and clearing out.

Sietch Tabr's experimental garden (night)

Before you lies what appears to be a garden of some sorts. Crude by off-world standards, it looks to have been used at one time as an experimental supplement for the ongoing changes to Arrakis. Sadly it has fallen into a state of disarray. Many of the plants are now dead, a few strong weeds, and a very beautiful desert wild-flowers are all that remain. However, in a small section, cordoned off with thick, coarse rope, springs forth new life. Small, and yet budding, green grasses grow in the small area, and tiny purple mustard flowers bloom among it. In the center, with some sort of clear cylinder around it, similar in principle to a stillsuit, is a single, white rose. The moon shines brightly above you blocking out the light of the stars. The wind blows sand into the deserted garden.

A sandworm, to an onlooker:

Great billows of dust cascade around the rising creature you have the gall to stand in front of--a creature which is so very overwhelming that it seems impossible something so large could truly be alive. Breaching through the sand like some sort of angry god, the worm seems to pervade each and every sense-- your ears ringing as the giant beast rasps through the white sand, the smell of melange saturating the air around you to the point that you can almost taste the cinnamon-like compound. As the creature turns, you are able to catch a glimpse of the giant maw looming over you, giving you a view of what few live to tell about. A thousand sharp crysknives, a thousand little deaths. Looking upon the monster of the desert, it is easy to see how it inspires the awe and reverence of the peoples of Shai-Hulud.

A sandworm, to a rider:

As you mount the worm, you notice that the scales are significantly larger here. The smell of melange surrounds you, and you can feel the blowing dust of the desert that the giant worm has stirred up envelope you. The tail end of the worm emits a glowing combustive fire--the chemical reactions within the worm burns hot there. You move towards the frontal rings of the sandworm, where you are able to see the vast desert spread out around you in all directions.

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