Hair Color Impressions

 Hair Color Impressions
Color is such an important factor in many of our lives that we often don’t realize the signals we receive from it. Just as red means stop and green means go, our minds perceive colors as messages telling something about what is to come, the atmosphere or a personality.

Does your hair color affect other’s reactions to you? Will it make a difference in your chances of getting the job?

The human eye can see 7000,000 colors. Studies have been done to tell what colors are productive for office buildings, restful for bedrooms and healing for doctor’s offices and hospital rooms. Experts even know what colors will increase the appetite in fast food restaurants.

Since it is clear that color sends a subliminal message, lets look at what your hair color may be telling about you. According to my investigations, these are some typical first impressions about hair color. Reactions to a color include both the positive and the negative depending on the beholder.

Extra Light Blond: This is the color I think of when I think of Marilyn Monroe. It gives a glamorous, youthful, feminine and vulnerable appearance. On the negative side the wearer can be seen as frivolous or not capable.

Peachy Blonde: This is a warm and inviting shade with youthful charm. It doesn’t seem to evoke the same negative feelings as the extra light blond.

Golden or Orangey: This hair color reminds me of Lucille Ball. A glowing, bright and cheerful color although it can be seen as “loud” or brassy.

True red: Giving the appearance of someone who has fiery and passionate spirit, the color can also be construed as angry and unreasonable. Many a redhead has been called “Hot Tempered” without reason.

Brown: Brown seems to be a reliable, no-nonsense color. It can also be construed as a color without imagination.

Dark Brown and Black: Very dark hair is often seen as mysterious or artistic. Unfortunately it can also be seen as shadowy and untrustworthy.

Beige or Taupe Blond: These are thought to be warm, practical and classic colors. On the negative side, they are seen to be colorless and unexciting.

Gray: Gray hair denotes wisdom. With that, it also denotes old age.

White: White makes one think of someone pure and clean like grandma. On the negative side it makes one think of someone of grandma’s age.

All of these are general findings and are first impression images. The positive and negative reactions can be altered by something as simple as a smiling face, an energetic stride or the clothing worn. The important thing to remember is that hair color does affect how you are perceived.

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