A Tale of Messy Proportions

A Tale of Messy Proportions
Once upon a time, in a garage not too far from here, a sad and miserable quilter was feeling very unhappy and very melancholy. She had a very serious problem and didn’t know what to do.

“Oh how very unhappy and very melancholy I am”, she said. “I have a very serious problem and don’t know what to do”.

Every day when she went into her garage, she came upon this enormous mess. There was stuff everywhere. All the things a quilter collects – fabrics old and new, metres and metres of bits and pieces, patchwork patterns and books, threads and reels of cotton, scissors (last count 16), kits, almost finished objects, unfinished objects, dolls, teddies, Xmas decorations, bags, a roll of batting, a roll of pelon, a roll of Vliesofix, jars of buttons and some sewing machines.

The thing that most upset our quilter was the thing that wasn’t in the garage was her much loved automobile and this was her heartfelt wish – that one day; she would be able to park her beloved automobile in her own garage.

Lots and lots of time passed and the stuff in the garage grew and grew. And grew and grew. Did I say grew and grew? Boy did it grow and grow, till one day the sad and miserable quilter burst into tears and declared “I can’t take anymore of this mess”. Luckily for the sad and miserable quilter, two little quilting fairies happened to hear this exclamation. They immediately flew to where the shout had come from and low and behold, there in front of them was this garage, with this huge mess. The mess was on the floor, up the walls and simply bursting out the door!

Well, as you all know it’s the job of quilting fairies to turn all sad and miserable quilters into happy smiling quilters and so they set about doing just that.

They tidied and they neatened and rearranged and reorganized and cleared up until at last the mess was all sorted into containers and neatly stacked away. But best of all was the big space in the middle of the garage. The two wonderful quilting fairies had made a space big enough for an automobile to fit. Even with the door shut!!

The sad and miserable quilter couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw what the quilting fairies had done. “I can’t believe what the quilting fairies have done” she said. And so it was, that from that day on, the sad and miserable quilter was no longer sad and miserable, but happy and smiling because she no longer had a big mess in her garage and her heartfelt wish had come true, she could now fit her automobile in her garage.

But…….. the spare room was becoming a problem………

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