Belkin Power Switch Review

Belkin Power Switch Review
It's hard to find a single switch plug that is actually grounded. My ACE Hardware only carries switch plugs without a ground, and for most appliances and electronics, that's pretty useless. I was very happy to find this grounded power switch by Belkin.

I have several large surge protectors, and sometimes I just want to be able to turn off ONE thing on it, like the microwave in the kitchen, and like my cell phone charger by the bedside. Now I just reach over and click it off, instead of wasting watts or needing to turn off the entire strip.

Using the plug with a surge protector means I don't have to reach over, hunch down, or crawl behind anything to actually use the switch. My life is simpler with this power switch.

It's even elegant looking. Not that I need that in something I stick in an outlet, but it does make it more pleasurable to use. The switch glows a nice green and feels good to the touch when you rock it.

Belkin usually impresses me with their useful, attractive, thoughtful products, and I'm happy to include this power switch to that list. At around six dollars, it's a good buy, and saves money in the long term.

I love the idea of conserving watts whenever I can. Any electronic item, and most kitchen appliances, draw electricity from your meter even when the item in question is off. This "phantom energy" draws from anything with a clock, a glowing LED light, or any electronic item with an instant-on feature. This includes televisions, microwave ovens, computers, gaming systems, coffeepots and more.

With a lot of attention to my electrical practices, I've been able to get my electric bill down to the point where my electric company sent me a letter asking if there was something wrong with my meter. Seriously.

So I do recommend you look around your home and see what appliances can be FULLY turned off, and get enough power switches to make your conserving practices easy. Place switches and strips wherever it's in arm's reach of where you spend your time.

Remember, when something is easy, it gets done.

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