Day of Defeat: WW2 on the Net

Day of Defeat: WW2 on the Net
Day of Defeat is a free mod for HalfLife which can only be played on line. You choose to become part of the Axis or Allied team, and the graphics really give you the feeling that you´re deep in WW2. Old stone and brick buildings, tanks, jeeps and weaponry are your environment. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to grab all five enemy flags while staying alive.

They really did a good job of making this mod as real-life as possible. The brick buildings have ivy crawling up them. When you respawn, you´re a "reinforcement" coming to help out your team. You can climb up ropes or swim along rivers (where you lift your weapon up over your head!) When you climb ladders, you actually climb up it, instead of old games where you seem to be walking up it. The graphics in general on the GEforce 3, it´s pretty impressive. When you shoot a wall, plaster flies off.

You can tell by looking at someone which side they´re on by the uniform he wears. There are riflemen, snipers, and other types of soldiers, depending on what side you join. Even the radio messages change. There aren´t any medics, and it´s pretty realistic in that you can die pretty easily if you´re shot. The Axis and Allies have different weapons as matches their historical counterparts. As with most HalfLife mods, there are tons of games running at any time of day or night, all looking for players to join in.

Highly recommended for anyone who has HalfLife and is looking for a good mod to get into!

Download it from Planet HalfLife

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